If You Love MTV, Start 2019 Off Right By Tuning Into These 5 Reality TV Shows

If You Love MTV, Start 2019 Off Right By Tuning Into These 5 Reality TV Shows

Reality TV is, and always will be, my favorite guilty pleasure.


MTV is known for producing music videos, publishing reality television shows, and keeping up with celebrity gossip and trends in the media. It is a source that people typically turn to whether they want to watch a new video, or keep themselves updated with the latest fight between celebrities like Snooki and Angelina on 'Jersey Shore'

From some of the earlier popular shows like 'Girl Code', 'Teen Mom' and even 'My Super Sweet 16', MTV has allowed its viewers to tune into the lives of people who live incredibly drama-filled lifestyles.

Now that 2019 has officially begun, check out these 5 new MTV series that will truly bring some excitement, suspense, and drama into your life!

1. 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club'

Lindsay Lohan has truly outdone herself with this one! 'Lindsay Lohan Beach Club' released just recently (a perfect way to start the new year) and is based in Mykonos, Greece. Lohan created multiple clubs in Mykonos alongside her partner, Panos, and hired multiple American ambassadors to work with the VIP clients at her resort and club. Ambassadors are picked based on their experience working in nightlife, strong professional personalities, and of course, their good looks. Who doesn't love a show that's fun, entertaining and drama filled... and located in Greece? Count me in!

2. 'Are You The One?'

Do you believe in a match made in heaven? 'Are You The One?' is a matchmaking series helping 11 women and 11 men find their perfect match! Similar to the show 'Ex on the Beach', all 22 of these single individuals live in one home while trying to find a romance they have been searching their whole lives for. If all 11 couples are matched, they are able to split a grand prize of $1 million. So finding the perfect partner AND a grand prize? What more could a show offer? Each week something very dramatic and jaw-dropping occurs to the couples looking for love, and it gets better and better as each week passes!

3. 'Ex on the Beach'

What do you do when you are relaxing on a beautiful beach in paradise with an even more handsome guy by your side, and all of a sudden... your ex shows up!? 'Ex on the Beach' features 8 single men and women who are given the chance to find romance in paradise, until their ex-partner shows up to stir up some drama. Living with strangers can be difficult when you are looking for love, and this show includes a lot of fighting- whether it is because of an Ex, or someone living in the house trying to steal a girl's man. How grateful are you for your Ex?

4. 'Made In Staten Island'

If you loved 'Mob Wives', then you'll absolutely enjoy MTV's new show, 'Made In Staten Island'. Releasing on January 14th, at 10/9c, 'Made in Staten Island' is about a group of young kids fighting against the urge to continue living in the rebellious lifestyle they were born into. Originating in Staten Island, New York, these kids have been surrounded by their families active role in The Mob. After seeing the impact The Mob had on their families, it is their goal to break free from the criminal lifestyle while they can.

5. 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation'

YEAH, BUDDY! We loved 'Jersey Shore' back in 2009, and we love it even more in 2019! They're older, wiser, and a bit more extra if you ask me! 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' features the original cast of 'Jersey Shore' like Snooki, JWoww, Ronnie, Angelina, Pauly, Vinny, Deena, and of course, Mike the Situation as the group travels to Miami Beach for a vacation to break free from the adult lives they now live. Although many members of the group have children, are married, and are practically adults, they will always have the heart and soul of a once younger, and wilder member down the shore, as we see from recent nights out at the clubs. Season 2 features a special hometown of mine, Manalapan, NJ and the cast is back in Dirty Jersey where it all went down. Get crazy and get wild while watching both seasons of this awesome series!

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52 Old School Slang Words We Should Bring Back In 2018

Sick of hearing your friends say things like dope, swag or three-hunna? Check out some of these old school phrases to up your slang game.

Throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s there was some pretty interesting lingo. Language and slang evolves with time but let’s not pass up on some of these “far out” (see #30) terms that will help you expand your vocabulary and transcend time itself.

1. Totally rad: Awesome, cool

“That movie was totally rad!”

2. Home skillet: A term of endearment for your close friend.

“What’s up, home skillet?”

3. Trippin’: Crazy, messed up

“My mom grounded me for no reason. She was totally trippin’"

4. As if: Ever seen Clueless? ‘nuff said.

“Want to go out on a date?”
“As if!”

5. Buggin’: Worried, nervous, freaking out

“She thought she heard something but she was just buggin’ out.”

6. Talk to the hand: Dismissing someone with attitude.

“You’re being whack homie, talk to the hand.”

7. Crib: Your home

“Welcome to my crib.”

8. Crunk: Having a good time.

“Let’s go out and get crunk tonight.”

9. Fly: Cool, fresh or awesome

“Her outfit was so fly”

10. Said the liar: A sentence to follow a false statement

“We totally hooked up last night.”
“…said the liar!”

11. Not!: Quite similar to said the liar, denies a statement

“I just finished all my homework… Not!”

12. PSYCH!: See Not! Perhaps delivered with more pizzaz.

“Yeah, you looked great today… PSYCH!”

13. Phat: Cool, excellent

“That band had a phat sound.”

14. Open up a can of whoop ass: About to start a fight

“I was so mad I was about to open up a can of whoop ass!”

15. Whack: Crazy

“That Michael Jackson impersonator was whack.”

16. Word to your motha’: Agreeing or understanding

“Let’s roll through that party”
“Word to your motha’”

17. What's the 411: What’s going on? What’s up?

“What’s the 411?”
“About to hit the club.”

18. Take a chill pill: Relax

“I’m so nervous, I forgot to study for my test!”
“Take a chill pill, dude”

19. Booyah: An exclamation of joy

“I just found 5 bucks on the ground, booyah!”

20. Eat my shorts: Kiss my ass, an insult

“Eat my shorts, scumbag.”

21. Get your mac on: Hooking up

“We were partying and then went upstairs to get our mac on.”

22. Going postal: Going crazy

“I told her I cheated and she went postal.”

23. All that and a bag of chips: Hot stuff, when you got it going on

“I love Jimmy. He’s all that and a bag of chips!”

24. Lets roll: Time to go, heading out

“It’s getting kind of late, lets roll homie.”

25. What’s crackalakin’?: What’s up? How’s it going?

“Hey man, what’s crackalakin’?”

26. Yo mama: A joke that intends to offend on the most personal level, coming for your Mom

“Yo mama is so ugly that when she tried to enter an ugly contest they said, ‘sorry, no professionals’”27. Da bomb: Awesome, fantastic or great
“This food is da bomb!”

28. Thats tight: Cool, sick, sweet or good

“That concert was tight.”

29. Cowabunga: see Booyah

*jumps off diving board* “Cowabunga!”

30. Far out: Very cool, out of this world, disbelief, excited

“Wow, that show was far out!”

31. Keepin' it real: true to yourself, chilling

“How goes it?”
“Just keepin’ it real.”

32. Raise the roof: Get pumped or excited, get it poppin

“Bump those jams, its time to raise the roof!”

33. Bitchin’: Cool, awesome, alright!

“Your car is totally bitchin’”

34. Gnarly: Extreme, grotesque

“I fell off my skateboard and got a gnarly gash.”

35. Righteous: Cool, all the best qualities, sweet, awesome

“That guitar solo was righteous.”

36. Tubular: Awesome, excellent

“Your perm is totally tubular!”

37. Wig out: Freak out

“I saw a snake and wigged out!”

38. Bogus: Crazy or no good

“My bag of chips was half air, totally bogus, man!”

39. Fresh: Cool, newest

“Those kicks are fresh.”

40. To the max: The best, good, cool

“That beautiful painting is to the max!”

41. Can you dig it: Do you like it? Do you agree?

“I’m about to buy Grateful Dead tickets, can you dig it?”

42. The man: Referring to paranoia of corporations, government, big brother type

“You got to watch out for ‘the man’”

43. Fo’ sho’: For sure, yes

“Want to grab some chinese food?”
“Fo sho!”

44. Fo-shizzle: A variation of fo’ sho’

“Want to grab some chipotle?”
“Fo-shizzle my izzle"

45. Bangin’: Good, great, awesome

“We had a bangin’ time at the club.”

46. Chillaxin’: Relax, hanging out

“What’s up?”
“Nothing much, just chillaxin’”

47. Get bent: Piss off, screw off

*cat whistle*
“Get bent, ass hole”

48. Goon: A goof-off, nerd, foolish

“Check out that goon with the high waters.”

49. Outtie: Leaving, heading out

"This party is lame, we outtie."

50. Gravy: Cool

“These tube socks are so gravy!”

51. 'Bout it, 'bout it: Absolutely, sure, why not?

"Want to go shopping?"
"'Bout it, 'bout it."

52. Catch you on the flip side: See you later

"I'm heading out, catch you on the flip side."

Enjoy your new found vocabulary and don't be scared to show off some of these fresh phrases to your friends and family. They will surely be impressed with your ability to throw it back to the old days. We outtie.

Cover Image Credit: playbuzz

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Your Midterm Week, But It's All .GIFs From 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Everything is cool cool cool cool cool.


As I watch "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," I find more and more relatable moments. These are moments that perfectly relate to how we all feel about midterm season.

1. Remembering all the exams you have this week, on Sunday night.


Quite possibly the worst feeling.

2. How you feel when all the good study spaces are taken, including your usual spot.


Don't they know that's my spot?

3. Having a breakdown right before an exam and wondering why you procrastinate so badly all the time.


Every time.

4. Finding out that your friend also "forgot" to study, so you suffer together.


You have to admit that it makes you feel a little better when someone else is in the same boat as you.

5. When the test isn't cumulative AND you got a study guide that actually helped you.


We love professors like this.

6. Pretending you are just fine when you walk in to class on exam day.


Cool cool cool cool cool no doubt no doubt.

7. Sitting down and realizing you have no idea what the first page is asking.


The rush of anxiety you feel is like no other.

8. Or sitting down and knowing exactly what you're doing, because you came prepared (lucky you).


You know you got this.

9. When you leave after taking the exam and hear people say how "easy" it was.


(insert eye roll here)

10. Or you leave the exam, knowing you just did the best you could, and you are OK with that.


You did great!

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