If You Love MTV, Start 2019 Off Right By Tuning Into These 5 Reality TV Shows

If You Love MTV, Start 2019 Off Right By Tuning Into These 5 Reality TV Shows

Reality TV is, and always will be, my favorite guilty pleasure.


MTV is known for producing music videos, publishing reality television shows, and keeping up with celebrity gossip and trends in the media. It is a source that people typically turn to whether they want to watch a new video, or keep themselves updated with the latest fight between celebrities like Snooki and Angelina on 'Jersey Shore'

From some of the earlier popular shows like 'Girl Code', 'Teen Mom' and even 'My Super Sweet 16', MTV has allowed its viewers to tune into the lives of people who live incredibly drama-filled lifestyles.

Now that 2019 has officially begun, check out these 5 new MTV series that will truly bring some excitement, suspense, and drama into your life!

1. 'Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club'

Lindsay Lohan has truly outdone herself with this one! 'Lindsay Lohan Beach Club' released just recently (a perfect way to start the new year) and is based in Mykonos, Greece. Lohan created multiple clubs in Mykonos alongside her partner, Panos, and hired multiple American ambassadors to work with the VIP clients at her resort and club. Ambassadors are picked based on their experience working in nightlife, strong professional personalities, and of course, their good looks. Who doesn't love a show that's fun, entertaining and drama filled... and located in Greece? Count me in!

2. 'Are You The One?'

Do you believe in a match made in heaven? 'Are You The One?' is a matchmaking series helping 11 women and 11 men find their perfect match! Similar to the show 'Ex on the Beach', all 22 of these single individuals live in one home while trying to find a romance they have been searching their whole lives for. If all 11 couples are matched, they are able to split a grand prize of $1 million. So finding the perfect partner AND a grand prize? What more could a show offer? Each week something very dramatic and jaw-dropping occurs to the couples looking for love, and it gets better and better as each week passes!

3. 'Ex on the Beach'

What do you do when you are relaxing on a beautiful beach in paradise with an even more handsome guy by your side, and all of a sudden... your ex shows up!? 'Ex on the Beach' features 8 single men and women who are given the chance to find romance in paradise, until their ex-partner shows up to stir up some drama. Living with strangers can be difficult when you are looking for love, and this show includes a lot of fighting- whether it is because of an Ex, or someone living in the house trying to steal a girl's man. How grateful are you for your Ex?

4. 'Made In Staten Island'

If you loved 'Mob Wives', then you'll absolutely enjoy MTV's new show, 'Made In Staten Island'. Releasing on January 14th, at 10/9c, 'Made in Staten Island' is about a group of young kids fighting against the urge to continue living in the rebellious lifestyle they were born into. Originating in Staten Island, New York, these kids have been surrounded by their families active role in The Mob. After seeing the impact The Mob had on their families, it is their goal to break free from the criminal lifestyle while they can.

5. 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation'

YEAH, BUDDY! We loved 'Jersey Shore' back in 2009, and we love it even more in 2019! They're older, wiser, and a bit more extra if you ask me! 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation' features the original cast of 'Jersey Shore' like Snooki, JWoww, Ronnie, Angelina, Pauly, Vinny, Deena, and of course, Mike the Situation as the group travels to Miami Beach for a vacation to break free from the adult lives they now live. Although many members of the group have children, are married, and are practically adults, they will always have the heart and soul of a once younger, and wilder member down the shore, as we see from recent nights out at the clubs. Season 2 features a special hometown of mine, Manalapan, NJ and the cast is back in Dirty Jersey where it all went down. Get crazy and get wild while watching both seasons of this awesome series!

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You Need To Binge Watch These 8 Series Before You Die

5. BoJack Horseman


If you think you have run out of TV shows to watch on a lazy day at home, think again. These eight series are the ones that are a must watch and honestly might be some of the best of best. These are the eight series you must binge-watch before you die.

1. Breaking Bad

Widely consider the greatest TV series in history, Breaking Bad is a classic. This show has all the twists and turns that would come from being a Meth cook. Although only lasting 5 seasons, Breaking Bad is truly worth every second. All 5 seasons are available on Netflix.

2. The Wire


This was definitely a close second place behind Breaking Bad. The Wire is the greatest crime drama that has ever been done. The storylines get better and better every season, once again it only lasted five seasons. All five seasons are available on HBO.com.

3. The Sopranos 


This was a tough one to put behind The Wire, sorry all Soprano fans out there. This mob drama was truly epic. Maybe the most death filled show on this list, but my goodness it is worth it. The show went for 6 seasons and is available on HBO.com as well.

4. Mad Men


This one was hard to rank. Do I dare out this above The Wire or The Sopranos? Sorry, can't do it. Mad Men is great it is right behind the other heavyweights, but not by a lot. Mad Men lasted seven seasons and this was a wild ride from start to finish. Mad Men is available to stream on Netflix.

5. BoJack Horseman 


My dad would kill me for placing this within the top five, but hear me out. This show has everything you want from comedy that last for minutes to deep emotions that will leave your jaw dropped. Maybe, in the next few years, BoJack Horseman may crack the top three. All five seasons are available on Netflix.

6. The Walking Dead

Sorry Dad, I had to place this below BoJack. The Walking Dead has had a lot of success and it is still running, this show is very good. If you love zombies and consistent action with great storylines you will love The Walking Dead. Currently on Netflix and it is on AMC weekly.

7. Sons of Anarchy 


To me this series is very underrated. This series is a lot of fun and goes into the life of motorcycle gang lifestyles. this will keep you going with intense action, compelling storylines, and characters that you will always love. All seven seasons are available on Netflix.

8. Daredevil 


The man without fear has been tearing it up over the last few years. With the third season that just came out onto Netflix, Daredevil has proven to be one of the best Marvel shows to date. the action is off the charts and the storylines will have you on the edge. The first three seasons are available on Netflix.

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15 Times 'Bob’s Burgers' Served Up Pure Comedy Gold



Ever since "Bob's Burgers" was taken off Netflix, I have been going through major withdrawal. So, I have been renting them from my library and watching them periodically. And as I was watching through the thirteen episodes of season one, it just proved to me how much I laugh during this show. It is incredibly funny, and I don't think people realize that.

So here are fifteen moments that are just too hilarious.

1. The Thanksgiving song that Linda came up with


This is the episode where Linda has to pretend to be married to Mr. Fischoeder, her landlord, in order to get him a date with another woman. So, in order to raise her family's spirits, she writes a Thanksgiving song to brighten their holiday.

2. When the kids went to the rich neighborhoods for Halloween and Gene dressed up as Queen Latifah


Tina, Gene, and Louise wanted to do something different this Halloween and went to the rich neighborhoods to get so much more candy. Not only do they lose all the candy they received, but they get into lots more trouble.

3. When Louise took personal offense when her mom gave up her room when they ran a bed and breakfast for a weekend


All Linda wanted to do was open a bed and breakfast to earn some more cash for Tina's birthday party. But, of course, Louise had to make things just a little more difficult.

4. When Linda greatly defended her drunken escapades 


Linda is a wine mom and won't let anyone get between her and a good bottle of wine.

5. Literally anything Bob says because his voice is hilarious


It doesn't matter what Bob says, his voice makes everything he says hilarious and relatable.

6. When Tina had a place on her parents' bed just for her thrashing


The family had a nice little sleepover in the parents' bedroom and Tina had to clarify exactly what she used her section for.

7. Every time Linda said her catchphrase "Alright" had me cracking up


It doesn't matter the context in which she says it, it's always relevant.

8. When Bob started working at a community garden and couldn't have been happier


Bob needed some space from the restaurant and a new hobby. What's a better place than a community garden where he can grow fresh produce for his food?

9. When Tina was learning how to drive and hit the only other car in the parking lot because she couldn't make a turning decision


This scene gets me every time. Of course, Tina hits the only other car in the parking lot. And of course, that car belongs to Bob's arch-rival Jimmy Pesto.

10. When Gene put a twist on the joke "my eyes are up here"


Leave it to Gene to make a joke funnier with his own little quirks

11. When Tina and Louise went to a Boyz 4 Now concert and Louise fell in love with Booboo 


Louise was dragged to this concert and made fun of the girls who cried over the boy band. But she later developed a massive crush on one of the members and can't control her love.

12. When Tina thought that 'glasses' meant something a little different


This was also from the Thanksgiving episode mentioned above, but Tina definitely made the toast better with her version.

13. When Gene learned the hard way to why people don't eat tacos on the toilet


At first, Gene thought he was a genius doing something that would eventually catch on. Only to quickly realize why people don't do this.

14. When Linda said what everybody thinks when they see mini croissants


Linda is a woman after her true desires. And mini croissants were calling her name.

15. And despite all the name-calling and whatnot, they are still a very loving family


This one pulls more at the heartstrings than makes someone laugh, but it's still a tender moment with one of the funniest TV families.

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