11 Adorable Kitten Things That Give All Cat-Owners Life (Pictures Included)

11 Adorable Kitten Things That Give All Cat-Owners Life (Pictures Included)

Cats are the best.


Recently, our family welcomed two cute fur babies into the family. They're two, eleven-week-old, black kittens named Luna and Jackson who are the sweetest little creatures ever. I've never had kittens at an age where I can remember them, but just a few days into the care of these furry babies, I'm learning just how wild of a ride having kittens is.

1. They are all claws and teeth

Kate Tayler

It doesn't matter what angle you come at them from, you will catch a tooth or claw to the hand. This is acceptable only because they are so freaking tiny and cute. As time goes on, these attacks will get more savage and intense and they will continue as long as they think they can get away with it... which is probably always.

​2. Kitten naps are the cutest thing ever

Kate Tayler

A sleeping and purring little cat is possibly the cutest thing ever. You can bet your butt that I will sit and stare at those sleeping babies for way longer than necessary to take in the cute.

3. And they're even cuter when they nap together in puddle formation

Kate Tayler

With TWO kitties, the sleeping cuteness increases when they both snuggle while they sleep together. In the case of my kitties, Luna gets upset if Jackson sleeps without her and will meow until she can find him and snuggle up to him.

4. When they aren't napping, they're RACING around

Kate Tayler

Kittens are a fiery little bundle of energy. They will go and go and go and go and go until they can't anymore and then they'll go just a little more. They're neurotic as the day is long and they're ready to play from the second they wake up from their most recent nap.

5. Their meows are the sweetest and softest ever

Kate Tayler

There is no voice tinier and cuter than that of a kitten. They meow loudly and often and it's always a delight no matter what. I will never get sick of those little kitten mews.

6. Everything they do is cute

Kate Tayler

They run? It's cute. They savagely attack you? Aw, look how cute their teeth are. They break your mother's irreplaceable vase? But look how ADORABLE they looked sitting inside of it. There is nothing kittens could do that isn't the cutest thing ever.

7. They are the best snuggle buddies

Kate Tayler

Snuggling with a tiny little creature is the best ever too. They're roughly the size of your hand, but snuggling with them for a second can fill your heart twice over. You'll never want to leave the snuggle party.

8. They're so tiny and soft

Kate Tayler

Every single one of their features is so unbelievably small. Their little paws and ears and whiskers and nose are all the tiniest and cutest things you'll ever see. It's incredible to think that with one hand you can hold such a tiny and cute little being in its entirety.

9. They are the alarm clock you never needed

Kate Tayler

Kittens have no chill. They are up and ready to rumble at 5:45 a.m. sharp and you best be up for playtime. This alarm clock is amplified when you get kittens collars with bells. It's a great idea and is adorable until it's 3 a.m. and time for Big Time Kitty Wrestling With Bells™.

10. But they're the friends you always wanted

Kittens are the best little buddies you could have. They're always there for you no matter what and they are always down for a good belly rub when you're feeling down. Cats are the best, hands down.

​11. You never want your kittens to get bigger…

Kate Tayler

... But you know cats are the best companions you could ever have. <3

Cover Image Credit:

Kate Tayler

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7. They have the best manners!

8. They give the best hugs!

9. They make great therapy dogs! (Plus they are hypoallergenic)

10. They make everything a treasure!

11. They make the best snuggle buddies.

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* Basically all these pictures*

13. They are superstars!!

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15. But most importantly, they are the cutest.

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Rescuing My Cat Changed My Life

Two words: unconditional love.


Meet Hermione. Three years ago, on a complete and utter whim, my family decided to rescue her from the SPCA in Philadelphia. We had talked briefly about the possibility of adopting an animal, but my mom didn't seem very convinced during those conversations. Before Hermione, I had never had a pet besides a series of fish throughout my life that never lasted too long, so I really didn't understand the hype about family pets.

Lindsay Messina

Actually, I didn't like cats. From a young age, I always thought dogs were the superior companion, being man's best friend and all that. Cats seemed boring in comparison. I was obsessed with the idea of having my own puppy, so when my sisters ran off to the cat section of the shelter, I reluctantly followed.

We spent a long time looking through the different rooms of cats and dogs, but no animals caught our eye. I remember a volunteer told my mom that since it was after Christmas they only had "sick cats and mean dogs" left. As we were about to leave the shelter, my sister pointed out that we had missed one room. The second we walked into that room, Hermione started to rub against the cage, purring. She let every single one of my family members pet her and looked at us with adorable "take me home" eyes. We instantly fell in love.

The volunteer at the shelter explained that she was taken from a cat hoarder's home that had mistreated the animals. As a result, she has FIV and one eye that she almost lost in a fight with another cat. FIV is a feline immunodeficiency virus that can only be transferred through felines. It is compared most commonly to HIV, but I've learned to explain because people can give you the strangest looks when you say your cat has cat AIDS. It basically just means that Hermione has an extremely weak immune system and should either be the only pet in a household or be in a household with other cats with FIV. FIV is common among strays.

Lindsay Messina

Even though my family had nothing prepared to take home a cat, we did it anyway. We ran to the nearest pet store the second Hermione was in the car with us, and she has been a part of our family ever since.

Like a dog, Hermione runs to the door the second anyone comes home and will meow and press herself against you. There is nothing better in this world than unconditional love the second you get home from a hard day at school, work, etc. She has sat with me on days that I'm too sick to function, cuddled me when I'm sad and has been an amazing addition to our family. As someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, she has also been an amazing asset for me when I need support. She is the sweetest, most pure angel in this entire universe and I cannot imagine my family and life without her.

I get extremely sad when I think about all of the animals that are currently living in shelters, and I constantly tell all of my friends about my amazing experience with the SPCA. There is such a negative discourse around shelters because people are afraid of the way that the animals have been treated and do not want to take the risk.

The reward is much MUCH higher than the risk. Obviously, it is important to be cautious with shelter animals, but proper education on their background and giving them love and time is key. Knowing that my family was able to give Hermione a better life and love her as much as she loves us will forever change my perspective on adopting versus rescuing.

P.S. Here are some cute pictures to enjoy. Did I write this article just so I could look at cute pictures of my cat? Maybe.

Lindsay Messina

Lindsay Messina

Lindsay Messina

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