Ways To Fight Your Fears And Get Excited About Your Journey

17 Seemingly Small Ways To Fight Your Fears And Get Excited About Your New Journey

Step out of your comfort zone.

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"Seasons change and so do we."

As we grow up, we experience seasons of change and seasons of growth. And while these times of our lives can be scary, they bring with them great opportunities and memorable journeys.

While embarking upon these new journeys can be intimidating, just remember this: they're essential for your growth. Maybe you're about to enter a difficult semester, a difficult year, grad school, apartment-search, the first day at a new job, or maybe you're just struggling. Well, I have good news! There are 17 easy ways to fight those fears and hesitations you have about starting a new journey and get, that's right, excited about it.

1. Write down the fears that you're feeling. 

It's important to think through the heavy thoughts. Take it one thought at a time. Write them out.

2. Write down at least one positive thing about each fear. 

Now, draw an arrow from each fear and think of one good thing that could come of each fear.

3. Take an entire weekend and self-reflect. 

That's right. Take the weekend and reflect.

4. Have a conversation with yourself. 

Whether you're in the car, in your room, or even in your shower, have a conversation with yourself out loud. Tell yourself that you can do this.

5. Make a to-do list at the beginning of each day. 

Let yourself know what your day holds. Prepare accordingly.

6. Do one thing each morning that makes you happy. 

Make yourself a bagel. Brew fresh coffee. Watch an episode of your favorite show. Workout.

Whatever it may be, just do it.

7. Let a few close friends and family in on your fears. 

It's important that the people who mean the most to you are aware of the fears you might be feeling. This will help them encourage you on your off days.

8. Find a quote that resonates with you and put in on your mirror. 

Have that constant reminder that you can crush this new journey!

9. Surround yourself with places, people, and things that inspire you. 

Only positive people, places, and things.

10.  Besides your normal schedule, do one small productive action each day. 

This will make you feel like you're taking one step towards success.

11. Be intentional. 


12.  Journal. 

Take time to write each day. Write about things you're hoping for or struggling with. Watch how this changes over time.

13.  Think logistically. 

Think about the necessary steps that need to be taken.

14.  But also believe with your heart. 

But also do what you feel like you're being called to do.

15.  Take purposeful mental health days. 

This is a big one. Realize when you need a break and regroup.

16.  Set realistic goals. 

This will take time, but leads back to reflecting.

17.  Pray. 

God is on your side. Believe it.

It's going to feel funky for a bit. You're going to feel off.

But in a year from now, maybe even six months, you're going to see growth.

You're going to see change.

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