Deciding where to go to school can be scary and nerve-wracking. Although you may want to cling to your best friends from home, here are 5 reasons why you should not follow your friends to school. College allows you to start over and get exposed to so many new things! Use this opportunity to branch out and meet your future BFFs.

1. Branch Out, Is A Part Of Life

Nothing screams new beginning more than college. College is a place for you to meet new people and talk to those that are so different from you. Going to a larger school definitely has it's benefits as you meet new people everyday and are exposed to new and excited things at every turn. Don't be stuck in your old rut, branch out honey!

2. Join Organizations That YOU Enjoy

When first getting to school, getting involved in certain organizations can be hard to find or scary to do alone. Clinging to your friends can be comfortable, but finding people that have the same interests as you can be amazing! If it's an organization that really interests you, finding friends can be easy because you are all interested in the same thing! Try going by yourself and experiencing your own interests!

3. There Are 10+ Sororities for a Reason

Not all girls are the same. We may all love going to football games and going to brunch, but we all have different interests and hobbies. Finding a sorority that fits you is very important. Don't join a certain sorority just because your friend likes them, join a sorority that you fit into! Why do you think there are so many different sororities in the first place? Go out there and your niche.

4. New You?

Although you may think following your friends to college will be a great idea, you'll always be reminded of your past when you come home to see the same friends you had since grade school. Yes, you may have new interests and joined new organizations, but your hometown friends will ALWAYS talk about home, there's no escaping it.

5. Holiday Breaks Are So Much More Meaningful

From seeing your friends at school every day to every couple of months can be sad, but holiday breaks are so much more meaningful. You realize how much you took your friends for granted and realize how important they are in your life. Seeing them a few times a year, you start to really cherish the moments that you share together and you are able to appreciate the friendship so much more. True friendship withstands time, and that is shown with your hometown friends.