20 New Albums Coming Out This Spring

20 New Albums Coming Out This Spring

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20 New Albums Coming Out This Spring
King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard // DIY Magazine

1. Oddisee - The Iceberg (Feb 24th)

Rapper Amir Mohamed, known by his stage name Oddisee, has been relentless coming forth with another album. Last year, he released The Odd Tape and an EP titled Alwasta. Oddisee will not be shying away with The Iceberg, a personal narrative with relation to current events. Here is "Things," from the next album.

2. King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizards - Flying Microtonal Banana (Feb 24th)

After last year’s release Nonagon Infinity, the seven-piece band from Melbourne have been constantly touring and still make time to create new music. Flying Microtonal Banana will be next, and of course more tour dates are coming.

3. Thundercat - Drunk (Feb 24th)

Ex- Suicidal Tendencies band member and bass virtuoso Thundercat will be releasing Drunk in the upcoming week, featuring numerous artists like Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar. He has a single from the album “Show You the Way,” a duet track with Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins ("Danger Zone," "Footloose"). That’s real.

4. Grandaddy - Last Place (March 17)

It has been 11 years since they released new music. Reunited back in 2012, their last album was 2006’s Just Like the Fambly Cat; their latest album will be entitled Last Place. On September 2016, they released "Way We Won’t” and “Clear History.” The band hasn’t missed a beat.

5. David Bazan - Care (March 7th)

David Bazan has been doing the solo act for the past few years, coming out with his fourth solo album Care, in March. Last year, the former Pedro TLion lead singer has been busy with touring and Blanco, which was released last year in May, and he also did a Christmas album. Keep on trucking, Bazan.

6. Temples - Volcano (March 3rd)

Temples is almost there with their new anticipated album Volcano. It has been three years since Sun Structures, and hopefully the English rock band can still bring that harmonious psychedelic rock. (Sun Structures was once number #7 in U.K.’s rock charts). Here’s “Certainty” from the next album.

7. Real Estate - In Mind (March 7th)

On January 24, 2017, the band Real Estate released a new single and music video “Darling” for their next debut album In Mind. This will be their fourth studio album, but this time without guitarist Matt Mondanile, who wanted to continue on his solo project Ducktails. It seems as though Real Estate hasn’t lost their groove.

8. Tennis - Yours Conditionally (March 10th)

This husband and wife duo, Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore, are coming out with their fourth album Yours Conditionally. This will be their fourth album release since 2014’s album Ritual in Repeat. In December 2016, they released a music video from the new album, “In the Morning I’ll Be Better.”

9. The Shins - Heartworms (March 10th)

The Shins have gone through a revolving door of band members, but there has always been James Mercer. The last album the Shins released was Port of Morrow in 2012. Heartworms will be the fifth studio album from that band. In October they released a Halloween-themed video, “Dead Alive”, and also a lyrical video “Name for You” in January.

10. Depeche Mode - Spirit (March 17th)

On October 11, 2016, Depeche Mode announced they were returning with a new album and global tour dates.The godfathers of new wave and electronic genre are one of the most anticipated artists of 2017. The last album they released was in 2013 with Delta Machine.

11. Spoon - Hot Thoughts (March 17th)

This will be the band’s ninth studio album since 2014’s They Want My Soul. Hot Thoughts is set to be release next month, and in January, they released the title track of their album. Let’s hope for some tour dates from the indie rockers.

12. Raekwon - The Wild (March 24th)

Wu-Tang member Raekwon is 47-years-old and will be releasing The Wild. This will be the seventh studio album for the Staten Island native and legend.The Chef has cooked up cover art for his upcoming album, and on February 16th, he released a single “Purple Brick Road,” featuring G-Eazy.

13. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Damage and Joy (March 24th)

It has been 18 years since the Scottish alt band The Jesus and Mary Chain, have come out with a new album.Their first album was Munki, which came out in 1998. Damage and Joy will be released on March 24th from the “Just Like Honey” hit makers. They do have a single “Amputations” released, to bring the case that they haven’t lost their 90s alternative, noise-pop style.

14. Mastodon - Emperor of Sand (March 31st)

Atlanta native’s Mastodon has been working on the album Emperor of Sand. This being their 7th studio album, it will hopefully be released next month. Mastodon is a highly acclaimed band with a huge fan-base querying for any new content from the once Grammy nominated band for Metal Performance.

15. Father John Misty - Pure Comedy (April 7th)

On January 23rd, Father John Misty released his single called “Pure Comedy,” the same name for his coming third studio album.This is another anticipated album since 2015’s I Love You, Honeybear, which was a critical success.

16. Future Islands - The Far Field (April 7th)

Future Islands will be releasing their fifth studio album The Far Field in April, ever since making critical acclaim with 2014 album Singles. With a growing fanbase, on January 31st, they released a single from the next anticipated album. It is called “Ran,” almost sounding equivalent to “Seasons (Waiting On You).”

17. The Black Angels - Death Song (April 21st)

This will be the fourth album from the Austin psych-rockers. This album, Death Song, will hopefully carry that heavy material of biker rock with dramatic dark tones. I can’t wait for this album; it has been four years since Indigo Meadow. Here’s “Currency,” the latest single from the new album.

18. Gorillaz - TBA

We have been eagerly waiting for a return from the Gorillaz. They have a released a singe “Hallelujah Money” featuring Benjamin Clementine in early January. It has been six years since a new single from the animated band. Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have been working on the new album for quite some time, but fans are waiting for something concrete.The ball is on your court Hewlett and Albarn.

19. LCD Soundsystem - TBA

Fans were devastated when the band split up in 2011 (watch the documentary Shut up and Play the Hits). But last year, LCD Soundsystem made an epic comeback by headlining several festivals like Coachella, Primavera Sound, and Lowlands. Lead singer and founder of Death From Above records, James Murphy promised for a new album.The last album recorded was This Is Happening in 2011.They have been working on the album with Columbia Records and will hopefully get some kind of buzz for a release this year, hopefully soon. The last song they've recorded was a Christmas song in 2015.

20. SZA - TBA

R&B artist SZA has been on hiatus for her next album. Last summer she released her single “twoAM,” a revised version of PARTYNEXTDOOR and Drake’s “Come and See Me.” There was controversy with her label Top Dawg Entertainment about the release date of her album. In January 2017, she did a live performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, announcing her album is called CTRL. With a single “Drew Barrymore,” from the album being available, all we need to know is when the album release is.

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