History repeats itself. We’ve all heard this saying and usually associate it with a negative or mundane context. That’s about to change, because history did in fact repeat itself, but this time for something amazing. History repeated itself to make generation Y the new-age hippies. Now we might not have all the “flower power” and “make love, not war” rallies, but we do have many things that make us similar to the '60s generation of love and peace.

1. Our style channels our inner hippies.
Although we don’t wear the high-waisted bell-bottomed jeans that use to help our parents strut their stuff, we still have some aspects of their wardrobe that peek through today, only with a little flare of our own. High-waisted skirts and crop tops are all the rage right now. And no, we haven’t forgotten about those trendy flower headbands. Even if those might be “in style” right now, ultimately our generation just doesn’t care what you wear, another reason we are similar to the all loving free spirits of the '60s.

2. We have an endless passion for music.
Our generation is madly in love with everything music. From EDM to rock to gospel, our love for music creates wonderful experiences. We might never have a Woodstock per se, but we do have Bumbershoot, Coachella, Burning Man, TomorrowWorld, Carolina Rebellion, CounterPoint and many more. What’s great about our generation is we have something for everyone, and each experience is completely unique.

3. We have things to fight for.
Like the hippies of the '60s, our generation is fighting for change. We have been making movements towards addressing things like global warming and equality among every community. What truly makes us like the generation before us is that we know the battles aren't over, and we are prepared to keep fighting to ensure change.

4. We are very passionate about everything we do.
One of the biggest, most prominent similarities between our generation of new-age hippies and the ones before us, is the fact that we are all very passionate about what we do. Anything from music, to school, to work, to things like camping or even just being a free spirit in general, we all have something we are passionate about that we are not afraid to share

5. We are, in general, just excited about life.
No matter what issues we are facing, our generation is one that has a simple love for life. We appreciate every little thing we, not necessarily have, but get to experience. The little things like a beautiful sunset, an amazing camping trip or even getting that one new tattoo you love, we always find beauty and love in something. That alone shows that among many other things that our generation might be called, we are truly the new-age hippies.