Never Give Up On Someone You Love

Never Give Up On Someone You Love

They are worth the fight 100% of the time.

Relationships aren’t perfect; if anyone tries to tell you otherwise they’re wrong. They’re hard work, they’re putting someone else before you, and at times they’re downright painful. Relationships aren’t easy, but when you find the right person, damnit, they’re worth it.

You know the person I’m talking about. The person who knows you better than yourself. The person you can lay around with all day and still have the time of your life. The person who always listens to you cry when you’re upset even when you know you’re overreacting. The person who is there for you when no one else is. The person you’re thinking about right now.

Nothing in life worth having comes easy, and that includes relationships. The honeymoon phase will fade someday even if it seems like it never will. You will fight. There will be nights you cry yourself to sleep and wonder if it’s all worth it. But I promise you, it is.

When you find your person, never let them go. When things get tough, whatever you do do not take the easy way out and leave. Because I guarantee you’ll lie awake at 3 a.m. with tears streaming down your face wishing you could take it all back. I was lucky enough to get a second chance, but not everyone is so lucky.

Every relationship will go through hardships; there is no getting around that. You’re going to hurt them and they’re going to hurt you. But what you don’t do is give up. If you truly love someone, fighting to make things work is going to be worth every late night talk and every tear you shed. Instead of focusing on the bad it’s important to focus on the good because one bad moment is not worth leaving behind a lifetime of good.

Every day that I wake up I’m thankful to have my person in my life. I quite honestly don’t know what I would do without them. They are the first person I go to when I get good news, they are the first person I turn to for comfort, and they are my biggest supporter. Most importantly, they are my best friend.

I know most people will tell me I’m young and I don’t know what love is, but I’m a firm believer that you do not need to be a certain age to be in love. Whether you are 18, 28, or 88, when you find that person you’ll know. And when you know, don’t ever let them go.

“Love suffers long and is kind. It is not proud. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails. And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

Cover Image Credit: Mia McLaughlin

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5 Perks Of Having A Long-Distance Best Friend

The best kind of long-distance relationship.

Sometimes, people get annoyed when girls refer to multiple people as their "best friend," but they don't understand. We have different types of best friends. There's the going out together best friend, the see each other everyday best friend and the constant, low maintenance best friend.

While I'm lucky enough to have two out of the three at the same school as me, my "low maintenance" best friend goes to college six hours from Baton Rouge.

This type of friend is special because no matter how long you go without talking or seeing each other, you're always insanely close. Even though I miss her daily, having a long-distance best friend has its perks. Here are just a few of them...

1. Getting to see each other is a special event.

Sometimes when you see someone all the time, you take that person and their friendship for granted. When you don't get to see one of your favorite people very often, the times when you're together are truly appreciated.

2. You always have someone to give unbiased advice.

This person knows you best, but they probably don't know the people you're telling them about, so they can give you better advice than anyone else.

3. You always have someone to text and FaceTime.

While there may be hundreds of miles between you, they're also just a phone call away. You know they'll always be there for you even when they can't physically be there.

4. You can plan fun trips to visit each other.

When you can visit each other, you get to meet the people you've heard so much about and experience all the places they love. You get to have your own college experience and, sometimes, theirs, too.

5. You know they will always be a part of your life.

If you can survive going to school in different states, you've both proven that your friendship will last forever. You both care enough to make time for the other in the midst of exams, social events, and homework.

The long-distance best friend is a forever friend. While I wish I could see mine more, I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Cover Image Credit: Just For Laughs-Chicago

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If She Can't Tell You How She Feel Then It's Her Fault If She Is Upset

We aren't mind readers, its not our fault if you get upset for me not knowing how you feel.


Be vocal.

Feeling hurt? Feel betrayed? Or, that someone is pushing you around? Step up and say something. If you remain silence for months on end and then one day explode, then sorry.

That is on you, not me.

Having a relationship is all about communication. That means you discuss your feelings. You listen and exchange conversation. If you are unable to communicate about how you feel, it's not the other person's fault. You had months to explain how you felt. Instead, you sat there in silence. You can't expect someone to hold your hand and walk you through your problems. If you are feeling hurt, you need to step up and say something. It's not their fault you kept your feelings silenced. A relationship without communication is destined to die. And if you can't express how you feel to them you have already nailed the confine closed.

A relationship goes two ways. It's about building and growing together.

If someone is unable to properly communicate their feelings, then how is that relationship going to grow. People need to step up and say how they feel.

Got something to say? Say it.

Staying in the silence isn't going to help anyone. It's not going to help your hurt feelings or fix the situation. Chances are, the other person in the relationship doesn't even know what is going on. Say something. Speak up. Want to change the situation? Make the first step. A relationship is about growing together. If you can't give the person the chance to grow through a mistake then the relationship was never a true one. You can't expect someone to be perfect all the time. You need to understand that people make mistakes and if you are truly invested in the relationship, you would stand up and say something.

People are not mind readers. It doesn't matter who started it.

They said something that hurt you? Say something about it. The situation won't change. So, don't expect to sit around and watch the situation change. You could what changes a bad situation for others. But if you stand there acting all innocent or quite, guess what. You are the one in the end to blame. Not them. They did nothing wrong at the end, because you nailed that confine shut when you decided not to speak up. Don't proceed to attack them about it. Be open. Be honest.

Staying quiet isn't going to change the situation.

So don't yell and cry when things don't work out.

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