Per the company's announcement on January 15, 2019, Netflix will be increasing the price of their monthly billing from $11 to $13. Let's be honest, what does Netflix really have to offer that is so great for $13 a month? We've all already seen Birdbox and Black Mirror. They have peaked. This is probably all at the fault of the people who urged them to pay what, like, $6 million to keep Friends on the streaming service? I hope all you Friends-obsessed people are happy with what you've done to us.

I hope it was worth it!!! Now, all US users are going to be paying more each month for Netflix's sub-par selection of movies and TV shows.

In lieu of Netflix, I have decided to share my secret to paying for cheap TV movies. Sorry in advance it does not apply to everyone...but calling any and all college students!! If you are paying for a Netflix account in 2019 you are wasting precious pennies!!! If you haven't heard, Spotify has been blowing Netflix out of the water with their Student bundle offer. For around $4.99/month Spotify gives you access to their Premium features, Hulu, AND Showtime.

Two streaming services and a music app? For like 5 bucks a month??? Yes, it's true. I have been using this plan for over a year, and it's as good as it sounds. Now, granted, the Hulu plan included features commercial breaks but it still beats paying for Netflix. Plus, with Hulu, you get access to more recent shows and update series after a show airs on TV.

Like the Masked Singer, my new singing show addiction. It premieres on regular cable and then it's available for me to watch on Hulu so I don't have to wait for an entire season to go by before it's available for me to stream.

Granted, I watch Netflix almost daily (I'm trying to get through Grey's Anatomy, it's my first time and I'm only at the end of season 10) and I share the account with my family, so the payments aren't technically coming from my bank account per say, but I just don't see how their selection of shows and movies is worth a rise in price.

Their Halloween selection of 2018 was weak, to say the least, Hulu definitely had them beat in the spooky department. It's also frustrating how they make so many children's TV series that are a spin-off of movies. Like the movie "Home" with the little aliens and the girl who was voiced by Rihanna, they made a TV series out of it, and for what?

What was the reason? Netflix wastes money on things like that and keeping an entire collection of Friends on their service and here we are, the US users, paying for it.

Now, the price rise really isn't anything to cancel over, I mean if you can't afford a $2 increase each month you probably shouldn't be paying for a monthly streaming service in general. But, nonetheless, I'm still going to complain because the selection of movies on Netflix does not satisfy me, the one in a million user who just happens to have the resources to complain publicly to everyone. So here I am, complaining that Netflix is the weaker species of all streaming services, and natural selection will play its course.