A Guide To Netflix Comedies
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A Guide To Netflix Comedies

A little something to laugh your way through this time

A Guide To Netflix Comedies

To start off this is a list for the ladies and gents (yes I FULLY believe guys secretly like their share of RomComs too). Netflix has 3 types of comedy: stand-up, romcoms, and general humor, all of which I will cover.

Stand-up (my personal favorite) 

Since Netflix puts out so many comedy specials, i'll keep the list to people instead of actual titles.

1. Gabriel "fluffy" Iglesias

2. Illiza Schlesinger

3. Ali Wong

4. Trevor Noah (I promise it is not all political)

5. Bert Kreischer

6. Kevin Hart

7. John Mulaney

8. Taylor Tomllinson

9. Ken Jeong

10. Ronny Chieng

Romantic Comedies 

1. She's Out of My League

2. To All the Boys I've Loved Before (both of them)

3. Grace and Frankie (TV show)

4. Never Have I Ever (TV show)

5. New Girl (TV show)

6. The Bounty Hunter

7. When We First Met

8. Always Be My Maybe

9. Someone Great

10. Sleepover


1. The Interview

2. Ferris Bueller's Day Off

3. Murder Mystery

4. Coffee and Kareem

5. Mr. Iglesias (TV show)

6. Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

7. The Do Over

8. The Other Guys

9. Undercover Grandpa

10. Community (TV show)

I hope my lists give you something to laugh about in the weeks to come. Enjoy!

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