Top 10 Netflix Comedians

As a Netflix enthusiast, I have had my share of seeking out good comedians and what I believe are some of their best "specials", so kick back and enjoy some Netflix's stand up comedians.

1. Hasan Minhaj- "Homecoming King" Image result for hasan minhaj

I believe every brown/desi young adult needs to watch this. The perfect blend of comedy and storytelling

2. Trevor Noah - "African American"

Definitely would recommend if you like the daily show and Noah's comedy.

3. Iliza Shlesinger- "Freezing Hot"

As Shlesinger has a couple of netflix specials, my favorite is freezing hot since shleinger since she gets real and discusses the struggles between men and women

4. Anjelah Johnson - "Not Fancy"

This is one of the first Johnson's stand ups I saw on Netflix and I was interested by her witty humor and emphasis on jokes.

5. Jen Kirkman - "I'm Going To Die Alone And I Feel Fine"

Kirkman's comedy is well put and had me laughing for awhile. In this special she uses her humor in the truths about divorce, kids, and being in her 40's.

6. Tom Segura - "Disgraceful"

Before, I only liked some of Segura stand ups but in his new special, "disgraceful" created some new approach to comedy and Segura's sense of humor

7. Ali Wong - "Baby Cobra" and "Hard knock Wife"

Both of Wong's comedy specials were great and wong use perfect hyperbole and witty humor. Definitely would recommend if you want to laugh your ass off

8. John Mulaney - "Kid Gorgeous at Radio City"

I always been a fan Mulaney's comedy, so I was excited when his new 2018 special came out, "kid gorgeous at radio city" check it out!

9. Sarah Silverman - "A Speck of Dust"

I love always love Silverman, ever since I saw her on that one "Monk" episode. I also like her comedy and for how real she can be and that she's not afraid to use her voice on issues.

10. Hari Kondabolu - "Warn Your Relatives"

I loved this special, and thought it was great! Definitely recommend if you like Hasan Minhaj

Moreover, Netflix has a wide variety of specials and stand up comedy. So choose one, and get to watching

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