Clothes, clothes, and more clothes. Who knew I had so much? Tears, tears, and more tears. Who knew there could be so many? Moving into my new home is such a great experience in my life, but a hard one at the same time. Saying goodbye to those who have been y my side since day 1 is sort of a rough time. However, I am so incredibly excited to start my new journey and ready for the adventures that come along!

Wednesday is move-in day, and from there preseason for soccer starts! Then, on Monday school starts. Who knew everything could arrive so quickly. I am extremely nervous but so ready to take on what life has to offer me these next 4 years of my life. I am ready to make mistakes and learn from them, to be successful, and more importantly to find exactly who I am myself.

My roommates already seem great! As for my classes, I am so excited to be in them and surrounded by such intelligent women. I am excited about the soccer season! I am ready to meet all my new friends and figure out what the college life is all about! How about ND football games & tailgates? Or just Notre Dame in general? I am pumped for the gorgeous scenery I will be encompassed in. Although there are so many mixed emotions going through my body right now, I think I am going to be just fine and love it in the beautiful city of South Bend, IN!

There isn't much for me to say except, GO BELLES & the IRISH!! (I'll update you guys on my next stories later on in the year of how my outcome is!).