Leaving Home For My Next Chapter

Sitting here on this Monday evening, in my very own bedroom, listening to music and finishing up on some college paperwork for soccer, my brain for some reason will not stop. In other words, there is so much going through my mind right now. For instance, my mom just asked what I wanted for dinner, but in a week and a half, I will be asking myself that same question.

College is not supposed to be fearful, but it is a lot. The change that is going to happen is going to be the best for me, but I just feel so weird inside. My family, my friends, my boyfriend, what will I do without them? That's all that is going through my brain right now. As I sit here, shedding tears, it will be okay. It is a good thing, it is that next chapter in life, it is a true blessing. I've gotten myself in this position and I need to take it and make it the best years of my life. For me though, I overthink every single day of my life even when simply thinking do I want to wear this bracelet or that one. I know everything will be great at home, but there will be a huge piece missing.

With that said, I mean a huge piece because not only am I going to college but my two older brothers are going back to college too. Therefore, there will only be my little brother and parents at home which are not normal for my family at all. We love the craziness, the running around 24/7, the soccer games here and there, and everything else that comes along. I just wanted to write this up because it needs to come all out so I figured I could vent to all of you that are feeling just the same way as I am.

Although I am super sad about leaving them, I know I won't be gone for long! I am also nervous but extremely excited about going to Saint Mary's. I cannot wait to meet my roommates, new friends, my soccer teammates, and the faculty and staff there in the 574. Getting all of my belongings together and wrapping up my school supplies gets me super excited, but then again super nervous. Overall, I think I just will miss sleeping in my own bed and having my family right there attached to me the minute I wake up. I will miss it a lot but I know college will treat me right and lead me to where I need to be in the long run on my road to being an OB-GYN.

So Saint Mary's, I am ready for you! On the other hand, mom, dad, Zach, Hank, and Ryan I will miss you all so much but I know you guys will be doing your thing and being great as always. I love you all & you too Grandma & Papa! Also, can't forget my pain in the butt that is there for me, Fernando, love you too & have fun and be safe at IU! Hope to see you all at least one of my soccer games, cheering me on like usual! (:

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