Dearest baby boy,
You already know, or will come to learn, that you are the apple of Auntie's eye. I promise you that I will always love you a pinch more than you could ever love me because I waited a long time to be promoted to this position and thought for years about who you would be.

What I never could have imagined is the overwhelming amount of joy you would bring me even before your birth. Taking turns guessing what color eyes you would have and if you'd be bald or a fury little lion was so exciting. When the day came and I finally got to hold your tiny 6 pound, 12 ounce body, it was like the entire world was in my arms. Looking at your peaceful face with your perfect button nose, reminded me how beautiful the world and God truly are.

Don't get me wrong, your mama and I never got along growing up but knowing she's the one who brought your sweet soul into this world makes me see her in a different light. I mean, she gave me the greatest gift in life so far and that's being your Auntie.

As much as I adore you being so little and soaking up all of the cuddles I can get, I cannot wait for you to be a chubby crawler with enough rolls on your thighs to learn to easily count to 5. I cannot wait to hear how you call for me and to absolutely fall in love with your variation of my name. I can't wait to take you to the park and get grass stains on your knees or to sit in the audience at your first class concert. Although I surely never want the day to come that I'll hold your sleeping body for the last time, I anticipate the first time you call me to tell me all about a girl you like.

In your life, you're going to go through many, many stages and I think what I look forward to most is being there beside you through every single one.

With so much love for my boy,

Auntie, xoxo