9 Things You Need To Know To Survive College
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Student Life

9 Things You Need To Know To Survive College

By doing these, your transition to college life will be seamless.

9 Things You Need To Know To Survive College

College is great, crazy, and fun, but it is also a big transition. If you are new to campus life, there are some simple things you should know to make your first few weeks easier. Here are 10 tips on how to survive at college.

1. Join a club and talk to people.

In the excitement to reinvent your social life and make new friends, it is crucial to join a club, church, greek life, or social organization. Don't forget to talk to people in your classes. It's overwhelming when everyone is on transfixed on their phones, but more likely than not, people like to talk and meet a friendly face.

2. Get out of your room

Don’t lock yourself away. Love the new independence and freedom of having your own room and space? Don’t make “alone time” your top priority, even though it's tempting. Go outside. Do homework at Starbucks or walk to a different dining court than usual. Fresh air is good!

3. Learn how to eat right.

It’s easy to eat junk food. It’s accessible, free, and tastes good, but beware because it builds up. The freshman 15 is real, sadly, but limiting your snacks and eating a vegetable every once in awhile will do you good! Most importantly, learn where the gym is and go to it occasionally.

4. Explore

Do tall buildings block stunning sunsets? Go to the top of parking garages for a clearer view. (Photo at Purdue University)

Explore campus. Go on an aimless walk to find your go-to study spots, coffee places, and lounges with the comfiest couches or quietest area. It's good to have a constant go-to area to hang out at when you have free time. You might also discover hidden gems of the school!

5. Go to sponsored events!

In addition to promised free stuff, sponsored events will have useful information and may even be fun! Take advantage of every program, speaker, and opportunity the school offers, whether it's free donuts, career services, or weekend events.

6. Be conscious of social rules and etiquette.

It's not much different than usual life, but somehow college campuses are also an entire world of their own. Be aware of the diversity and differences among the many people. AKA, just be polite and respectful and friendly. And never take up the entire sidewalk or block doorways.

7. Don't wait to do your laundry.

Once you figure out how to do your laundry in a new space, it will seem tedious and refreshing. It is tempting to let it build up, but it's easier to haul a lighter load than cramming a heavy bag from several weeks to the washers. Remember, clean clothes are cool!.

8. #Adult.

Be independent. You are going to be thrown into several situations where you have to fix problems on your own or even call someone on the phone for information (gasp). You’ll have to learn new things and may be uncomfortable, but it's not that bad! You will feel a sense of accomplishment afterwards. Some tips? If you’re totally lost about anything, just ask someone. People are friendly and will be sure to help you!

9. Be organized and study smart

Although people still have fun, college is a different atmosphere than high school. It's highly academic and people are serious about their schoolwork. Be organized and don't slack. Go to class. It's easy to skip, but get those attendance points and random lecture questions that will be on the exam. Get things done on time and save your future stress levels from skyrocketing.

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