3 Reasons You Need More Happiness In Your Life Today

3 Reasons You Need More Happiness In Your Life Today

Let's talk about happiness!


Because I'm happy. Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!

That was just one little line from Pharell's hit song, "Happy." It is very important to make sure we include happiness as part of our day to day routine and daily activities.

1. Because life is so precious


It is very true... life really is precious. It may not seem like it at the moment because you're so used to the regular daily things around you that are just plain normal. I think there are a lot of things out there in the world that people don't take enough for granted (in a good way). I feel like family is a big one. At the moment we are so used to them there all the time we don't even think about it like that. Of course, we love our family no matter what, but I feel it hits us in our face when something bad happens, depending on how the person feels. Some people just go to family when they need something, not for love or comfort. Family is what brought us here, so that is a must.

Also even some of the smaller things in life I feel we should be more caring about. Like people using manners, a simple life conversation, and a genuine act of kindness. I have seen people not even respond to people for opening the door for them or giving them something and neither of them say thank you or your welcome. It's so awkward, right? Everything we come in contact with every day should be turned into a blessing. And if its bad, just know that there is always a way to get through it, and different life perspectives will be changed in a good way.

2. Individuality


Seeing the individuality in people, is what makes people connect more. We all have our own personality and should strive to be us and not someone else. Trying to be someone else or similar, is like trying to put a puzzle piece inside that doesn't fit. Instead of judging, observe that person. See what they are about. What makes them happy. What they like to do for fun. Hobbies. All their favorite things. Even if they seem mean. Try to find that goodness. Everyone has good in them. It is just brought out differently. Individuality is what helps us help people. Once we know who we are on that level, we can pass that on to others on how to seek out their own person. Individuality not only helps ourselves to grow, but it helps us all grow together. We are all in this together.

3. Diversity


Diversity in this world is what makes us all different. We come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. There has been so much negativity with diversity it is unbelievable. People don't realize how special it is to be all different. Could you imagine what the world would be like if we were all the same? Same personality? Same color? Same Style? There would be no point in helping others and there would be no point in teamwork since we all would conform and get along the same way. Diversity is not only important as humans but it is also important in everything revolving humans.

You can have diversity in fashion, traveling, eating, and even the smallest thing such as sleeping! If you think about it there can be diversity in sleeping. Diversity gives us an opportunity to grow and see what this world has to offer for everyone. It can also make you realize that no matter what someone says or does, it will never go away because it is a human nature, natural born occurrence that we have no control over. We are designed a certain way for a reason. We shouldn't fight or go against those reasons, but embrace the power that it has.

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40 Small Things That Make College Students Happy

It doesn't take much...

1. When class is canceled.

2. When the coffee shop you stop at five minutes before your 8 a.m. has a short line.

3. Coffee, coffee, coffee.

4. Open note tests.

5. Or even better, take home tests.

6. The unofficial assigned seating process that that takes place after the first week or so of classes.

7. Thursday nights. (because in college, Thursday qualifies as the weekend.)

8. Sales.

9. Or once again, even better, free things.

10. Specifically free food.

11. Dogs.

12. Dogs on campus.

13. Tailgates and Saturday afternoon football games.

14. Finding an already completed Quizlet for your exam.

15. Having an extra 30 minutes for a nap, and if you're lucky, an hour.

16. Netflix.

17. When your roommate takes out the trash.

18. Weekends after test weeks.

19. The rare blessing of a curve on an exam.

20. Getting out of class early.

21. How in college, it is socially expectable to wear a t-shirt everyday.

22. Being able to walk from class to class or eat in the dining hall without having to see anyone you know. (and thank goodness too because you probably don't look too good.)

23. Crossing things off of your to-do list.

24. Your best-friends that you make in college.

25. A full tank of gas.

26. Seeing a new face everyday.

27. Crawling back into bed after your 8 or 9 a.m. (or after any class that ends with a.m.)

28. Care packages.

29. No cover charges.

30. When adults tell you that it is okay that you have no idea what you want to do with your life yet. (regardless of what parents or your advisor may say.)

31. Pizza.

32. Finding out you weren't the only one who did poorly on the exam.

33. Deciding not to buy the textbook, and never needing it.

34. Finding the perfect gif to express how you're feeling. (Michael Scott just get it.)

35. Weekends at home because...

36. Pets.

37. Mom's home cooked pie and Dad's steak dinners,

38. Spring Break.

39. Road trips.

40. When it finally starts to cool down outside so you can show up to class dry instead of dripping in sweat.

Cover Image Credit: Abigail Wideman

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The Burnt-Out College Student's Prayer

Finals season needs a supernatural intervention.



First of all, I'm so tired that this prayer probably won't make a lick of sense, so sorry about that.

My body is always sore, either from sitting down too much or not sitting down enough. Every cell in my brain has combusted from trying to make sense of all the loose information in there. I'm sick of thinking. I never want to think about anything again. No matter how hard I work in my classes, or how much I get done afterward, I am never caught up. I feel like my time is dedicated to everyone and everything else but myself. I understand that I signed up for this, and college was my choice. I hear that a lot, so it's hard to forget. But that doesn't change the fact that higher education is hard if you care, and I care a lot. Maybe not always about the right things, but it's undeniable that I care. So, what do I do?

I understand that a lot of what I'm feeling is just that: feelings. That "I-feel-stressed-so-I-am-stressed" sort of thing. Teach me to separate fact from feeling, especially when I'm drained. Clear my mind so that I can find solutions to my problems instead of giving myself a stomach ulcer. Send people my way that are an example to me of handling stressful situations with grace and confidence.

Give me hope for a future that in some way rewards the work I have put into strengthening my mind and my craft. Some days, I worry that life will always be this transitional — that I will never find a real place in the world. Be my home. Be a safe place I can find in the moments when hope seems to hide in the crevices of my endless notebooks.

Remind me to value my integrity, even though it would be easier to ignore my spirit to pursue more short-term goals. Help me to find the balance between endless work and doing nothing because I'm too scared to do anything.

Above all, use me to help other students going through the same thing. Give me Your love and wisdom and comfort so that I can share it with other over-studied, under-rested young people just trying to make it through with a few dollars in their bank account because they can't work their minimum-wage job as much as they want to. Make me a testimony to what happens when You take a thing as self-driven and internally interested as earning a degree and make it about a larger purpose.

And God, thank you for everything. Thank you for the all-nighters, the crying over takeout, the cute animal videos I've used to distract myself from the constant feeling of imminent doom. It is all here to grow me and make me look more like You.

I love You. Amen. I'm going to bed.

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