Why The NYC Museum Of Sex Is So Important
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Why The NYC Museum Of Sex Is So Important

"Human beings are hard wired for sex."

Why The NYC Museum Of Sex Is So Important

"Intimacy is not purely physical. It's the act of connecting with someone so deeply, you feel like you can see into their soul" (Anonymous).

Sex. Intimacy. Vulnerability. Bodies. Love. Heat. Passion. Partners.

Sex is, simultaneously, a serious and light-hearted topic that should be discussed by all—those who are sexually active and those who are not—not yet, at least.

Notice that I say not yet.

All in all, the majority of human beings will "pop their cherry" sooner or later. Sex cannot be exclusively taught through a textbook; humans must express themselves verbally and physically to explain the passion that arises between two (or three or four or more) individuals.

Throughout high school, I taught sex-ed to middle schoolers, and I made sure to stress the normalcy of conversations relating to sex. Talking about sex shouldn't generate shy giggles and weird glances! Sex can be seen all throughout the natural world and human beings are one of the 8.7 million species on earth. Sex is a natural intimate action—"Human beings are hard-wired for sex"—that occurs between two (or more) people, and, thus, no one should be ashamed or shy to reveal their sexier or maybe even vulgar or animalistic side.

What better place to learn about the sexual energy that arises between human beings than a museum, a place typically known for one's education and growth?

Charles Passy's article, "This NYC Museum Takes Sex Seriously," exhibits the ways the NYC's Museum of Sex intertwines the profound, and what some may title "trashy," manners that sex can be displayed.

This mix is what makes the museum so accessible for the mass market, as revealed by the exponentially growing number of visitors hoping to have fun and learn about relevant reproductive topics. In one visit, visitors can immerse themselves in the "Bouncy Castle of Breasts" and then explore the more eclectic artistry exhibiting "a fearless new visual language of desire."

An array of showcases are being arranged to titillate museum-goers, including those who are interested in phallic sculptures, "a virtual-reality experience," and, finally, the latest exhibit on the sex lives of animals. The latter of these three sticks out to me because as human beings we, too, are animals.

Museum founder Dan Gluck says, "MoSex shows can and should be considered on the same level as those at a Manhattan art gallery, or in the case of the animal exhibition, the Museum of Natural History."

Contrary to popular thought, a multitude of research has shown that humans are, in fact, not the only animals that seek out sex for not just pleasure. It is well known that sex leads to the production of offspring, which macroscopically impacts evolution.

Humans and other animals procreate for this purpose, but what about oral sex? Interestingly, there are animals who not only have vaginal sex but oral sex, too. Some animals even masturbate!

In nature, the prevalent "spiritual elements of... nature," including masculinity, femininity, and sexual behavior are "lonely and celibate until conjoined to the other." However, make note that I am not exploring topics of love—sex and love do not always accompany one another—as a matter of fact, it is thus far unknown whether animals, other than humans, in the natural world experience romantic love or not.

In general, animals and human beings are much more similar than not, and as a society, we should begin recognizing these comparisons. I hold true that NYC's Museum of Sex is one of the ways in which to spread such information that will connect rather than divide the world.

Overall, the Museum of Sex is having a positive impact on society as it educates and provides tools for adults on sexual themes. Additionally, novel exhibits will target more scholarly museum-goers, composed of those who commonly visit the Museum of Modern Art and/or The Museum of Natural History. My hope is that discussions encompassing the topic of sex will, thus, become more ubiquitous and less taboo. In my personal opinion, I'd rather have themes of violence be out on the back burner and matters of deep affection, passion, and positive energy be omnipresent in all occurrences of life.

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