3 Natural Products That Will Boost The Length Of Your Eyelashes
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3 Natural Products That Will Boost The Length Of Your Eyelashes

Here are three amazing ways to grow your eyelashes naturally.

3 Natural Products That Will Boost The Length Of Your Eyelashes

We all have different types of eyelashes: curly, straight,long, curly but short, long but straight, etc. One key element that everyone wants is length. There are numerous products out there that guarantee to boost the length of your eyelashes. Products like Latisse are overpriced and irritating to the skin. You should never waste your money on expensive products for eyelash growth because your eyelashes fall out often. If you buy a lash growth product, you would have to keep using it for the rest of your life because your eyelashes are constantly falling out and growing back. The eyelashes that did grow from the product will just fall out and it will be back to square one. There are no products that will keep your eyelashes long for the rest of your life unfortunately. Eyelashes have cycles of when they fall out. This is why natural products are the best way to grow out your lashes because it is cost effective and actually good for the skin and lashes. Here are three amazing ways to grow your eyelashes naturally:

1. Castor Oil

Castor oil is amazing for your eyelashes. This is my number one favorite thing to use for my lashes. Not only does it lengthen your lashes, but it also makes them thick and voluminous. I also noticed my lashes became stronger and shinier after using this. Apply a very small amount to the root of your lashes and coat your lashes with your finger or a disposable mascara wand( the ones you get at Sephora to test out products). Apply this before you sleep and keep it on over night. You will wake up noticing results, trust me. Do this daily. This oil is also amazing for nourishing your skin as well.

2. Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is amazing for making your eyelashes long. I used this daily for a week when I was first testing it out, and my lashes grew significantly. I used a bottle of vitamin E oil I found at Trader Joe's. You can also find this on amazon, or even buy vitamin E capsules at the drug store and break the capsule and use the oil inside. Do the same thing as I said for the castor oil, apply overnight.

3. Vaseline

This might be surprising to a lot of people, but vaseline actually helps grow your eyelashes. I love using vaseline because it is something I always have on hand, and it grows my lashes. The oils in vaseline help grow your eyelashes overnight. It also nourishes your skin at the same time. Same as before, apply overnight.

All of these products are very affordable and will last you a long time. I bought castor oil two years ago and still have half a bottle left. That is just proof that you won't be wasting your money. These products are good for your skin and hair, and have no harsh chemicals in it. I guarantee you will see changes overnight after using these products. Apply these products at least three to four times a week for maximum results.

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