Since I was 14 years old, I would have the same routine: wash, blow-dry, straighten. It was every other day that I would commit to this hour-long routine. Once I moved into a dorm, this routine became even more tedious because of all the other circumstances that are involved: quiet hours, class schedule, and laziness.

Obviously, a big proponent of my willingness to stick to this routine is the fact that I'm not really a fan of my natural hair. Others might oppose this opinion, but getting over the flaws that dampen your self-esteem is a bit difficult to overcome.

So last week, I made it a challenge for myself to not do my hair for a week. I let my natural, frizzy curls have a breath of fresh air.

It was definitely different.

Most people have thought that my hair was naturally straight, just because it always is. At times I thought I was deceiving people with falsifying my appearance. When I showed up with my natural hair, many of my friends were really sincere and they directed many compliments at it and even told me I should keep it natural more. I would glance at every mirror I would come across throughout the day. Each time, I would be more and more comfortable with the sight I'm presenting myself with.

I always wondered why I would be so inclined to straighten my hair to disguise myself. This past week has shown me that I don't always need my hair to be straightened to feel good about myself.