Nancy Drew Is My Role Model And I'm Not Ashamed
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Nancy Drew Is My Role Model And I'm Not Ashamed

If you can't be yourself then be Nancy Drew!

Nancy Drew Is My Role Model And I'm Not Ashamed
Jasmin Johnson

From 4th grade to college, The beloved book character Nancy Drew has always been in my life through her mysteries and PC games adventures. With my first adventure, The Secret Of The Old Clock, to my last adventure, The Thirteenth Pearl.

I have encountered many thrilling mysteries with Nancy Drew and would not have it any other way! Here are my reasons for why Nancy Drew is still my role model.

1. If can't be yourself then be Nancy Drew!

Nancy Drew prepares herself for any situation by having her blue convertible stock with sleuthing essentials such lock picks, hairpins, notepad, pens and first aid. She is the female version of MacGyver and can pull amazing last-minute rescues and stunt. If I had her brains, I could get myself out of any situation, but, Nancy Drew's preparedness shows how we, as women. Things like knowing who your local police team is and keeping an emergency kit in your car can make you not only safe but also a prepared Nancy Drew sleuth.

2. The Nancy Drew PC games

Another aspect of the Nancy Drew life is the PC games. The PC games do a great job in first person point of view as Nancy and experience the mystery game like no other PC game out there. My personal favorites are Warnings at Waverly Academy, The Ghost of Thornton Hall and The Shattered Medallion. Overall I love the games because they help me to relive as Nancy.

3. The Mystery Stories are the best version of Nancy Drew mysteries

There are many versions of the Nancy Drew mysteries such as Nancy Drew: Girl Detective, Nancy Drew Diaries, Nancy Drew Clue Book and The Nancy Drew files are just a few to name. The Mystery stories are your classic yellow and blue hardbound books that give you all the original Nancy Drew nostalgia you need. With 56 unique stories, you'll have plenty of mystery solving to do with Nancy.

With characters like Bess, Ned, and George you know it will be a great mystery because Nancy's friends are up for mystery solving any day. If that's not true friendship, I don't know what is.

4. The 1930s era

I love the period that Nancy Drew lives in with her family and friends. It shows the simpler times in America and how dandy life was in your blue convertible! I also love how the book mentions meals that Nancy Drew ate and how you can try to cook them through the Nancy Drew Cookbook: Clues to Good Cooking.

5. Nancy Drew brings people together

The final reason I love Nancy Drew is that it brings people together especially my mom and me closer to the PC games. The first game we played, the Warnings at Waverly Academy, was immersive and solving the puzzles in the game was a lot of fun.

The game taught us how to build a DNA model, how to read Roman numeral and play the piano. Nancy Drew also gave my friend and I an excuse to hang out and do my 1000 puzzle piece Nancy Drew puzzle (pictured above).

In the end Nancy Drew is the best role model for any girl and I definitely will share her thrilling adventures and games with my future daughter.

Do you have a favorite Nancy Drew game or book? Comment below!

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