My Ultimate College Bucket List
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Student Life

My Ultimate College Bucket List

The Ten Things You Need to Do Before You Finish College

My Ultimate College Bucket List
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1. Ultimate misadventures with friends

This has a lot of sub categories, but ultimately, I mean taking a barely planned trip with friends; spontaneous even. There is enough planning for classes and the future, so why not forgo strenuous things like planning fun? Of course, I am talking about a cheap trip, you may have to sleep in a tent, or even in the car, but in the end, you should go somewhere on a whim and enjoy the misadventures and stories you can tell. Why not do it?

2. Vacation with friends

Expensive vacations are not always possible, but since senior year of high school, I’ve heard of groups of eight plus people pitching in a little money and renting a house in Florida or somewhere nice and warm. In college, I am sure it is even more fun. It is still a misadventure, but the difference is, it is planned. Just as fun, but with some structure.

3. Lay down and watch the stars

I’ve actually already done this with my friend, but I yearn to do it again. I saw my first shooting star, and I enjoyed it immensely. It is a magical moment that you should do multiple times in college, late at night, when there’s a warm breeze in the air. It's like you don't have a care in the world.

4. Visit another country

Who knows how many times you’ll be able to visit another country when you enter the "real world". If the chance comes, take it. I want to visit Italy in two years, and I am working to save money, and am lucky enough to have support to help fund this adventure. You may work in a job where you travel everywhere, sure, but a college trip is a way to connect and experience what a work trip will exclude, and be with people for whom you'll build memories!

5. Smaller misadventures with friends

These ones are smaller because they include impromptu trips with friends to fast food restaurants and Walmart. I did the Walmart trip in high school and had the time of my life, but it hasn’t changed. Or, a late night drive to a donut shop? PLEASE! You can be safe and have the time of your life!

6. Concert/tour (by yourself and with friends)

It is my dream to go to Warp Tour at least once. It has been my dream since my second year of high school. I heard stories from a friend about going, meeting band members and her legs being covered with dirt. It sounds amazing! I wasn’t old enough, so I could never go. Any concert is a dream, especially with friends who enjoy the same music as you, or hey, do it by yourself! Honestly, I am up for both! And the best part is, there are plenty of genres of music, and it is easy to pick one and find a concert as near or as far as you want! The ones with my parents were really fun, but you have to experience at least one within your newfound independence!

7. Try-out for a play

Acting may not be your thing, but the process of the auditions is a great step out of your box. I did audition for a play, and I was terribly nervous, even after three years of involvement with theatre productions and roles in high school. You don’t have to like theatre. Just do the audition for the heck of it. Who knows what’ll happen!

8. Sky Diving

So, this isn’t necessarily college related, but I know for a fact, I am old enough to go skydiving in my state. Sure, you may not like heights, but if you are willing to challenge your fears, then go for it. I have yet to do this, but one day, I plan to try!

9. Fast Food and Movie Theatres

McDonalds and a movie theatre? Enough said. I saw Beauty and the Beast and had a little fast food snack (cough cough, McDonalds), but these can be easily substituted for say, Taco Bell and Boss Baby! You have endless options really!

10. Find the best view of your town

Oh, in my college town, I have already seen the best view near the water tower, and trust me, it is worth the find. Not everywhere has a "view", but if you can find the most beautiful areas and relish in them, it's a good time!

College is a step into the "real world", but you aren't fully there yet. That is why you can enjoy the small and big rushes alone and with friends. You don't have to party the way other people like (although, it is fine if you do). But if you find bonding and experiencing the little pleasures of being in college more fun as a long term activity, then this is the list for you! Chances are, you'll accomplish many different things in your journey through college, but on this list, I picked the general and relatively doable stuff that I know are easier to achieve. I have achieved so much during my first year in college, but on this list, everything is simple, but sweet!

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