On Being A Twin

On Being A Twin

It's both pretty weird and pretty cool!

Everyone always asks me what it's like to be a twin. Well, I couldn't really say as it's pretty much different for each twin but here are some things I have found from my own experience as a twin.

1. I understand why you can't tell us apart. Sometimes, I can't either.

We may not be identical twins., but people seem to think we are a lot of the time. I don't really see it but people seem to not be able to tell us apart. We have completely different styles and personalities. I'm more reserved while she is all over the place, but somehow we still seem to confuse people. The extent of how we get confused is really outstanding and our parents didn't help either. There is literally one letter difference between our names. It's so weird. On paper, we are pretty much the same person, almost the same name, same address, same schooling, almost the same phone number since we got our phones at the same time and a lot of the same experiences. It's really confusing.

I remember an instance this summer where the confusion was just insane. We had both been applying for jobs and we applied to the same place. A week later I got a call for an interview. I went in for it and it went well. A couple of weeks later I got a call for another interview. I naturally assumed that they called me in again because they wanted to hire me. Boy, was I wrong. I did the interview and I got the job. When I went in for orientation, I found that I couldn't sign in as an employee with my social security card. They said that I probably made a mistake when I put in my social security in the application, but I knew, I just knew that they had mixed up the applications. It turns out that I was right, they called for an interview the first time for me, and the second interview was supposed to be for my sister. They then sort of assumed we were one person and that person was her, so technically I got the job but under her information so she was in the system, not me. It ended up working out because I kind of convinced them that since my twin was already technically a worker there, why not hire her. It was just a really weird and confusing situation but now I can look back at it and laugh. The fact that they thought we were so alike (though, I don't really think we are) that they made us into one, is just really strange.

The only time I ever think we actually look really alike is in the pictures I have from when we were kids. We are honestly still in an argument about who is who in one of our old pictures. Not even our mom can tell. We have asked pretty much everyone in our family. I guess we will never know.

2. We fight a lot.

The extent of how we get confused is really outstanding and our parents didn't help either. There is literally one letter difference between our names. It's so weird. time and just hearing it is driving me crazy). We're just different, which just makes us constantly argue for the most asinine reasons. We literally spent over three hours arguing on the phone about how Ethel from Riverdale is actually evil. (She is, by the way. Did you see that wicked smirk?). It's just the strangest thing but we always end I guess this is not that common among twins but we fight an absurd amount. We don't really have much in common. She's loud, I'm quiet. She's really into fashion and I couldn't care less. She loves theatre, music, and plays and if I hear another Hamilton song, I might lose my mind ( not because Hamilton isn't great, it is but more because she sings it all up forgetting whatever it was we were fighting about.

3. The "evil twin" stereotype is 100% true.

I know this because I am the evil twin. No explanation, I just am.

4. I'm happy that we are apart.

Don't get me wrong, my sister is truly the best person in my life. She's my best friend and I love when we are together but I'm glad that we are apart now. Growing up, we were always together, everything we did, we did together. When I would go to a friend's house since we had the same friends, she would come with. When I went to a party, she would be there. I would wake up next to her, get ready for school with her, go to school with her, do homework with her, and go places with her. Basically, everywhere I was, she was too. It felt like I wasn't even a person, I was just one of "the twins" and that drove me crazy. Now that we are in different colleges, I finally feel like an individual, I'm no longer a matching set. I don't even really tell people that I'm a twin, just because I don't want to get that look of "aww, you're a twin, you're so lucky".

Being apart actually even helps our relationship, we still talk all the time and when we do see each, we just fall back into the same old rhythm easier.

6. We actually DO have a secret twin language

I think this is less because we are twins and more because we are just complete weirdos.

5. Yes, we are obsessed with Tia and Tamera, Annie and Hallie, Mary-Kate and Ashley and The Sweet Valley Twins.

Or maybe that's just me.

Cover Image Credit: Donnie Ray Jones via Flickr

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A Letter To The Sister I Never Really Did Like

You will learn in life you need your sister around no matter how much you fight.

We had good memories growing up, but I never fully understood you. I thought you were strange. Unfortunately, I saw someone who was weak and sensitive. It was always hard for me to understand where you were coming from in life. Yes, I love you, but there were many days I didn't like you all that much. When we would fight, it would usually get ugly and a parent would have to get involved. I would always get so upset with you because I felt like everyone was on your side. I was the big sister who bullied you. I'm sure you never thought that you would see the end of me egging you on.

As we aged and life progressed, you surprised me. I learned that you weren't weak at all. In fact, you are mentally stronger than me. When I left home at eighteen, you stepped up to the plate and took our little sister under your wing. You guys became best friends and that melted my heart. I all of the sudden saw someone who is poised, well collected and surprisingly funny. We went from fighting to laughing together. We all of the sudden were on the same team and it was great. You and I began to have so much fun together. All of those catty fights disappeared. I saw someone who was mature. You were never out to get me, we just never took the time out to understand each other.

Today, you are my best friend. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of things we disagree on, but we are willing to look past it. You made me laugh so hard at times that I will continue to replay the cheesy joke. We complement each other in a whole new way. I'm the loud, outspoken sister who sets out to score the spotlight. You are the sister who sits back and eggs my ego on. You are great and I can't imagine doing life without you by my side.

Life has sucked lately and that is just an understatement, but never once have you turned me away. You have taken my call late at night and climbed out of bed to come spend the night with me. I love you for that because I know you absolutely don't want to leave your cozy corner. I have sobbed on your shoulder and you have told me I am going to be okay. You are the reason I am still pumping through life lately.

I totally enjoy hanging out with you now all the time and I know there are days you wish I would get lost, but know that is okay. I know that you still love me. I am so happy that we were able to grow out of that nasty fighting stage. You are so beautiful in every single way. You are bright, intelligent and shine when you walk into any room. People would be dumb to not want to be around you. Thank you for being my sister and hanging around me even when I am embarrassing. I love you.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Radabaugh

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To My Brother Who Deserves All My Love

I don't know if you know...

So in the past, I wrote about my younger brother and my advice to him with starting high school. Now, I just want to write a little note to him because National Siblings Day was a while ago and I think he doesn't know how much I appreciate him. So here we go.


If this were to be my birthday gift to you, then happy birthday, your gift is an Odyssey article. But I think that's just me fibbing. Because you deserve better than an Odyssey article. Also, your birthday is in August and I'm on a deadline.

Yes, I was the guinea pig for a lot of things growing up, but they were so you could know what to and what not to do. You're only four years younger than me, but you're living a good life. From what mom has told me, your first year of high school is going so amazing! I couldn't be a proud big sister.

With being only a few years apart, we have similar likings such as Doctor Who, Marvel, and Stranger Things. But of course, there are our different likes. You like video games, I like reading. You have started The Office while I need to find time to start it. I like Kpop and you think I'm weird for liking it (I'm not judging).

I think I will go into this by saying that even though you can be such a pain in my ass, you are still related to me by blood. We've been through a lot, both together and not together. I don't know what my life would be without you, and I'm assuming it would be pretty boring without a sibling like you.

I wouldn't ask for any other sibling because I am happy to call you my little brother.



PS: I hope someone shows you this because I know you don't have a Facebook.
Cover Image Credit: Madeline Dziak

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