(Names are erased for security reasons)

What is "Cyber bullying?" Cyber Bullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. It all started in junior high, It was my 7th grade year, starting off my school year with two of my close best friends, Going on the school bus was all fine and good until one day a girl decides to switch my seat and make me sit with some random kid and she sat with my two my best friends. That was an bit odd, I was very upset and so were my best friends, so after school let out one day my best friends and I tell the bus monitor that this "girl" moved my seat where I was assigned in my seventh grade year. At the beginning of the school year we got to choose who we could sit with and so my two best friends had it planned that we three girls would sit together. It was our "squad" as you could say. So as few weeks pass by... this girl who was friends with my two best friends was not a big fan of me being with them. She actually never invited me to be part of her plans with my two best friends, she would always leave me out. Even though I was fine with it because I gave my best friends space when they went and hang out with other kids.

However, on a Friday night coming home from school I go on to my aim (aka: Instant Messenger) where my best friends and friends would chat since cell phones were not exactly used much only out side of home and school. Yet if we did not have "aim" we would be calling each other on the phone or maybe text here and there to communicate. Well one Friday night, I decided t il 'o go on my aim to talk to my best friends. Yet I get on and get a message from a girl pretending to be my best friend. This girl typed: I don't want to be your best friend anymore .I don't want to hangout with you or chill with you anymore. This girl was pretending to be one of my best friend's. I was a wreck, I was crying and went to grab the phone to call my best friends, when they answered the phone I said were you just on aim and sent me a message saying : "You don't want to be best friends with me anymore"...my best friend said "OMG No!!!!!!.. I would never say that to you.. your a amazing best friend and you have such a sweet personality I would never say that or do that to you. Your a great best friend and I love to hang with you. So after that happened my best friends moms found out and were devastated with what happened to me. So as this happened, my sister found out than my sis and I told my parents... they were upset and angry with what happened, however they told me to stop going on aim that I was supposedly to young to have a account.

Once my parents found out it was dinner time, I ate dinner than my best friends called me to make sure I was alright! Than we planned to hang out the the next day by the pool. The next day arrived and once I was dropped off my best friends house, My best friend's mom was concern and was giving me some assurance that everything was going to be okay and that she hoped that we would find the culprit of this horrific incident.

The weekend passed an my best friends and I kinda figured out who did this incident, it was that girl who loved being with my best friends. This girl was pretending to be my best friend so I wouldn't have a best friend or a group of best friends. This incident was very upsetting but it was for sure cyber bullying.

I was a victim of cyber-bullying, it was the worst thing I have ever accounted being on the internet. However, with the loving family and best friends I have I got through it.

Therefore, I recommend all of you to be aware when on the internet or on any social media app or site. People can trick you into being a friend or a best friend of yours. People can pretend to be someone that they are not.

If something like this happens to you let a family member know, or a friend , and or teacher or guardian know.

Cyber-bullying is wrong therefore we should raise awareness for it because there have been many incidents dealing with this type of bullying.