They say there's only one way to go

And that's forward

But I like thinking about the past

There's something about these railroad tracks that make me stop in my own tracks and think about

The things I've left behind

I think about all the people who've I've crossed paths with

Different smiles

Different feelings

Different stories

Same earth

I've learned the painful memories are worth remembering

I'm not sure how many moments I've let get passed me

I've lost track

Lost track of time

By letting my mind wander back to the past

But they're right-forward is the only way to go

But moving forward isn't a personal choice

It's forced by life

By every new day

By every new moment

And by every new person you come to face

So even if I wanted to stay in the same place

It's not possible to do so

The train is coming my way

So I keep walking because everything changes regardless of the old memories I keep inside my brain