My Top Ten Adam Sandler Movies
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My Top Ten Adam Sandler Movies

The Best of Adam Sandler

My Top Ten Adam Sandler Movies

Adam Sandler has been my favorite actor for as long as I can remember. Whenever I see a commercial for a new movie featuring Adam Sandler, I know I have to see it. Since I was a little girl and saw Happy Gilmore I was hooked. All his movies are amazing, but these are my top ten must-see Adam Sandler movies. *SPOILER ALERT*

10. Big Daddy

This 1999 movie is easily one of my favorites. Watching Adam Sandler "parent" Julian had to be one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. My favorite part of the movie has to be the classic scene of the two of them peeing on the door. THE LITTLE BOY IS ALSO PLAYED BY THE SPROUSE TWINS (SO CUTE).

8. Grown Ups 2

Even though this movie was hilarious, the sequels are never as good as the originals. However, Taylor Lautner did feature in it!

7. Billy Madison

This movie features an adult man, played by Adam Sandler, go through school (again) from kindergarten to high school. It was so funny seeing how he treated the other kids, especially in the lower grades. I loved the O'Doyle boys too, it seemed like there was one in every grade that Billy was in.

6. Anger Management

No matter what Adam Sandler did in this movie, it seemed as if he could never do the right thing. The plane scene was so ridiculous, yet so hilarious. When did asking for a headset consist of harassing a flight attendant? The conclusions that Buddy could come up with were mind blowing.

5. The Do-Over

This 2016 film was something I had never seen from Adam Sandler. A majority of his films are comedies, while this movie features a large amount of action. Throughout the entire film I did not catch onto the many hints that Max (Adam Sandler) was sick. I'm still so mad that the wife turned out to be evil too!

4. Happy Gilmore

This movie is definitely one of my favorites since it introduced me to Adam Sandler. His anger issues throughout the film made it especially funny, like when he would slam his club on the grass or yell at the ball for not going into the hole. He definitely found a way to make golf more entertaining.

3. Just Go With It

This romantic comedy is all about a one night stand gone wrong. Personally I always wanted Danny to be with Katherine because you could tell they had so much chemistry from the beginning! He was even jealous of her going out with the man that had the funny beard, it was meant to be.

2. That's My boy

This movie was absolutely HILARIOUS. It is so hard to pick a favorite part of this movie because they all make me die laughing.

1. Grown Ups

This is my absolute favorite Adam Sandler movie. I have seen it 100 times and it still makes me laugh. I love everything from the men insulting each other to the comments the kids say. At the end when Eric peed in the pool and it turned blue is another great scene that made me wish public pools actually had that(OMG IMAGINE).

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