My Top 20 Films Of 2016: Part 2

Before I continue with this coundown, I want to briefly talk about why films like "Silence", "A Monster Calls", "Jackie", "Split", "The Founder", and "Hidden Figures" arent' on the list. Simple, they didn't come out where I am at until 2017.

With that said, let's continue with the list.

1. "Sing Street": By far the most criminally underrated film of this year. It's well acted, catchy songs, and is a great story about growing up and about brothers. Check it out if you loved "Once" and "Begin Again" and just movies in general.

2. "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story": This a good first entry to the antology films and the best prequel. Which, is saying nothing so far.

3. "Deadpool": By far the best superhero movie of the year and the funniest movie of the year. Violent, piss your pants funny, and a suprising love story in the movie makes for the best superhero movie this year.

4. TIE: "Fences": I saw this movie recently and couldn't leave it off the list. So I tied it with my orignal number 4, "Hacksaw Ridge". This movie adaptation of the August Willson play of the same name, "Fences" is a fresh look at the lives of an African American family in the 1950s. Denzel Washington (who also directed it) and Viola Davis deserves more awards than nominate. If this doesn't get nominated for best picture, then it's a crime again humanity.

4. TIE: "Hacksaw Ridge": By far the best looking movie of 2016, Mel Gibson's return to directing did not disappoint. The war scenes were the best since "Saving Private Ryan", Andrew Garfield was phenominal, and it was well directed. I couldn't leave this off the list, because it was that good. It was as good as "Fences".

5. "The Conjuring 2": For a horror movie, especially a sequel, to be on this high on the list is surpsing. Thrilling, really good acting, and not relying on to many jump scares, the sequel to the suprisingly good 2013 movie was a suprising sequel that I thought was better than the first. Whenever the movie stops scaring the crap out of you, there are a lot of sweet moments, including Patrick Wilson singing "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley.

6. "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping": This is by far the most underrated and under-appreciated film this year. "Popstar" is the latest film from The Lonely Island and is a mockumentary making fun of Justin Bieber type popstar. This was non stop hillarious, the music was great, and made something that shouldn't be terrible but made it funny, that is making Ringo Starr say gibberish.

7. "The Nice Guys": Like "Kubo" and "Popstar", this was a film no one saw and was a big shame. Because, this was really good. Shane Black's throw back film to 70's buddy cop movies is suprisingly funny, well writen, and just all round great. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling have the best chemistry for a film this year. Crowe and Gosling worked off each other very well and they had the best chemistry so far this year.

8. "Kubo and the Two Strings": This is one of the best films no one saw or cared about this year and that is a big crime, because "Kubo" is pretty damn amazing. Probably the best Animated film this year. Kubo was suprisingly oringal, really heartfelt, breath taking animation, and one of the most emotionally filled animated movies to come out in the past decade.

9. "Weiner": I've already talked about this one in my best documentaries list, but to recap. This was well made and made you simaltaniouslyl love and hate Anthony Weiner.

10. "X-Men Apocalypse": I am a huge fan of the "X-Men" franchise and this didn't disappoint. I don't really get the hate this movie got. I thought it was well acted, especially from Michael Fassbender (who gives an oscar worthy performance) and James McAvoy, for a superhero movie, great action, a good score, and a pretty decent villain in Apocalypse.

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