My Reaction To Tim Piazza's Death

My Reaction To Tim Piazza's Death

I am so disappointed by the selfish actions of Tim's "brothers" and by their selfish thoughts and words.

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If you haven't been around social media or watched national television, Tim Piazza was a Penn State sophomore who died at his pledge ceremony for Beta Theta Pi. His BAC was a .40, he fell multiple times, initially falling 15 feet down a flight of stairs, he was stepped over and ignored for hours while he was unconscious on the ground, and 12 hours after his initial fall the next morning, he was discovered to be barely breathing, cold to the touch, with blood on his face, and his "brothers" still neglected for call emergency officials for almost another hour. After Piazza's death, his "brothers" still tried to cover up information by getting rid of alcohol and messages. For more information about this situation, read the most recent articles.

Ever since the new information came out a few days ago, I have not been able to stop thinking about Tim Piazza. He was a kid. He suffered and had a horrible death that could have easily been prevented.

Tim's story spread like wildfire across the nation, and surprisingly, people have said some pretty selfish things about the situation.

Here is my response to a few of the "controversies" I have heard repeatedly about this issue:

"Beta brothers do not deserve this. Hazing bonds you and creates a stronger brotherhood"

That is not brotherhood.

This situation is about so much more than hazing. It's about his brothers who neglected him so selfishly which lead to his death. It's about a group of boys who cared more about not getting in trouble or getting drunk than helping save a life.

It seems that these "brothers" didn't think about their values and instead, only thought about themselves. Brotherhood involves protecting and taking care of one another, not ignoring and denying someone's injuries and lethal drunkiness. Anyone who did not try to save their brother, a death in which could so easily have been prevented, does deserve this.

"Not all fraternities and sororities are like that...why are we getting punished?"

It's not about you.

Penn State has cracked down on their Greek life and many are pointing the finger at Greek life in general. Many schools across the country are making changes to their Greek life because of Tim's death and people aren't happy. I understand you're upset your rules will be stricter, and you're being punished for something another fraternity did. However, someone suffered a horrible death and unfortunately, instances like Tim's aren't as rare as we think. Penn State Greek life is known for their hazing and even at my little college in the middle of nowhere, I hear stories about hazing in my school's Greek life. A lot of Greek life seems to have a more of a focus on the social scene and less on brotherhood and sisterhood. Because of this situation becoming so widespread, I hope many people, Greek life and not, reevaluate their values. There needs to be change. If stricter rules save more lives than so be it. Please take into consideration that someone lost their life.

"He knew what he was getting himself into"

He knew he was going to drink. He didn't know he was going to fall multiple times and be left with no one to help him.

It's college, and it was supposed to be a celebration for the pledges, so, of course im knew he was going to drink. It was supposed to be fun. Tim did not know he would get so drunk he would fall 15 feet down a flight of stairs. Tim did not know he would fall multiple times afterwards. Tim did not know his brothers would not help him. Tim did not know he would die.

If someone would have helped him, Tim could have still been alive. He did not cause his own death; his "brothers" did.

I am so disappointed by the selfish actions of Tim's "brothers" and by the selfish thoughts and words from people across the country.

Let's remember that someone lost their brother, parent's lost their son, and a community lost a young kid based on the selfish actions of Beta Theta Pi.

My heart physically aches about Tim's death. so I can only imagine what Tim's family and friends will go through for the rest of their lives.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with Tim's family and friends.

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