In light of Spring Break 2019 ending, here's a compiled list of sometimes calming but mainly anxiety-inducing thoughts that run through my head while flying.

1. Wow these seats are rickety! Is it normal for them to be so rickety? Why are they making so much noise when you sit in them? Does this mean the plane is old? Is it updated with today's safety features? Are we flying on an outdated plane?

2. It's more likely for me to get into a car crash than a plane crash. But what if I become that statistical outlier?

3. If something happens, I'll just be another statistic.

4. Is it safe to lean and turn the plane during turbulence? It kinda feels not safe - unstable, even.

5. We are literally perpendicular to the ground - how is just this seatbelt keeping me sitting normally?

6. This is a normal amount of turbulence, right? It's just patches of air. And, look! We're going through a cloud - that's why it's so turbulent.

7. Woah, I just stared really hard out at that cloud there and the turbulence stopped. I truly am in charge of my own destiny. Let's try it again.

8. I'm literally putting my life into this pilot's hands. I should learn how to fly. I probably shouldn't be this trusting.

9. If I cry right now, will I be bringing bad vibes into the plane and "jinx" the flight?

10. Should I ask the flight attendant how she got used to flying? No, that's a stupid question.

11. Why is the engine noise so loud? It's normal right?

12. See, we landed safely and soundly. We're fine! Stop worrying!