My Take On New York City
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My Take On New York City

Travel diaries of my first trip in!


I rushed home from Global Political Economics, dumped my backpack on the couch, threw on my favorite black jeans (Madewell to be exact) while the PA sun gleamed through the white shades on my apartment windows. It was around 10:00 am on a low, 70-degree day in early October. After wasting fifteen minutes trying to plan an outfit, I settled on complementing the black denim with a linen, yellow scoop tee from Anthro, matching yellow platform slip on sandals and think, dark, tortoise hoops – also Antho. I rushed to the bathroom, curled my blonde hair, touched up my makeup, threw some clothes in an overnight bag, grabbed my wallet and keys, and rushed out the door… for I was headed to the city.

New York City.

As I left Pennsylvania, I began to re-track my route to school, back in late August, headed north, I approached my first toll booth. The foreign concept of needing a "ticket" to travel on the highway was something that quickly grew to be irritating. After making it over the bridge, I approached the Bronx, almost to my first destination, Fordham University. I was traveling to visit my friend from high school. She would be showing me around the city for my first time. Having always been a city girl, people are always shocked when I tell them that.

Campus was pleasant. For its location in the Bronx, the tall black gates, cobblestone entrances, abundance of trees, marble steps and polished stone buildings completely hid the evidence that you were in fact still in the Bronx. I parked my white Volkswagen three floors up in the garage, grabbed my stuff and scurried over to a Starbucks across campus, where my friend was in a Biology Lab. As I finished off my grande pumpkin spice chai tea latte, my friend approached me in excitement. Next stop? NYC.

The duration of the train ride consisted of thoughts accelerated by excitement, consumed by images of New York City shown in Gossip Girl, Friends and the most fabulous Christmas movie, Elf. Because it was my first time, all I could think of when it came to the city were the glamified TV shows and movies that took place there, which frankly, only added to my excitement.

Grand Central, seen in the first episode of Gossip Girl, Serena van der Woodsen, bags in hand. To say the least, it took my breath away. The old-fashioned architecture and grand, old clocks. I felt like I was in a fancy airport and if you're in New York City, a visit to the station should be required. Next came Rockefeller Center, NBC Studios and Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show. In the center, flags waved in the brisk air as employees began tending to the half-assembled yet remarkable ice skating rink. I dreamt of the Christmas tree and skating on the rink in late December as it snowed. Before I knew it, we were in line with our tickets to Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show.

With tall men dressed in expensive suits monitoring that no one take photos, it began to hit me that we were about to experience a taping of a show, with celebrities. I quickly found myself in the very front row, watching Jimmy Fallon charm the audience with his impeccable sense of humor and the perfect questions for his special guests. To top off the show, Lil Wayne performed one of his newly released hit tracks. It was wonderful.

To Times Square we went! After walking just a few short blocks, we suddenly became absorbed into lights, billboards, colors and tall, tall buildings. It was beautiful. Times Square is one of those places that in a similar way to the top of mountains in national parks, can leave you speechless. It is the heart of our culture and offers so much more than just to provide a check off your tourist landmarks list. After walking the streets, we turned to corner and approached the Empire State building.

I had been to the top of the Sears Tower in Chicago and the Prudential in Boston but never been to the Empire State building. Up 80 floors, I stepped off of a five-minute elevator ride and into a 360-degree view of America's favorite city. The glitz and the glamour hidden within the dark streets while people, celebrities, families, businessmen, and models occupied the mysteriously lit up rooms within each skyscraper which served no other purpose than to simply remind us all that it truly is the city that never sleeps. Not a star is in sight but instead of looking up, you find yourself looking down. Hustle and bustle, were two of the first words that popped into my head when I first saw the spectacular view. With another elevator ride up six more floors, I found myself stepping out between tall glass doors and into the skywalk observatory. Protected by fences and cement walls that reached just above my shoulders, I peeked out into the open from a higher view of the gorgeous, lively, city of lights. Despite the fact that I could've sworn I felt the building sway… it is a must-do, even for those afraid of heights!

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