My friends and I all work full-time jobs so making time to all spend time together can be difficult but that doesn't stop us from making our list. We make our bucket list as soon as we are all home from college. The list always contains a day trip to the beach, a concert, and your other basic summer festivities.

This year, we added some new things to the list such as a trip to Alexandria, VA and a trip to DC. It's always fun to go into the city for the day to shop and explore. We usually take the metro which is always easy and cheap.

We never end up doing everything on the list, we just run out of time. Something new we added to the list this year is going to Beaver dam which is a swimming location with zip lines and high dives. We haven't gone to Beaver dam yet, but hopefully, we'll go by the end of summer.

The list also contains simple things that we would do even if it wasn't on the list like go to downtown Annapolis. We all also got gym membership together which was not on the list either but was a good idea because we go together frequently.

Even though we won't be able to check everything off our list this summer, we still make time for each other despite our busy lives and that's what is important. Coming home for summer after a year of college is very different from summer break in high school. Everyone is busier, working full-time jobs, working internships, or taking online classes.

I've been home from school for a little under 2 months and all I have been doing is working which I don't mind but I've decided to start spending more time doing fun things and cutting down my hours at work.

Summer is whatever you make it, it always flies by so I try not to waste any time.