I absolutely love music. I love finding new music and artists that I can basically claim that I knew who they were before the rest of the world. New Music Friday on Spotify is my best friend, the podcast app has become my newest obsession, and driving around town has been changed for the better. I like mixing it up, between podcasts and my latest and greatest playlist, but I definitely feel you should add at least one or two of these 'tracks' to your summer jam sessions. Here are some of my favorite songs (and my top 2 podcasts that stream every single day) that you should definitely give a try.

**DISCLAIMER**: Each podcast has a little description, but each song speaks for itself because I wouldn't put a song on here if it wasn't AMAZING.

1. The Morning Toast- Podcast

If you are my friend, I know I'm about to get TONS of crap for talking about the Morning Toast again, but hear me out. This podcast is not only a podcast. It is also a web morning show that is directed towards millennials. It streams on Facebook and Youtube every weekday morning at 10:30 am, and later in the Podcast app. They talk all about the 'fast 5 stories you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toast'. It's basically a recap of all things pop culture, music, tv, you name it. Run by sisters Claudia and Jackie Oshry, who run super popular instagrams, @girlwithnojob and @jackieoproblems, they make my morning each morning. Trust me, you won't regret becoming a toaster and keeping up with all things pop culture.

2. Better Not- Louis and the Child

3. Guatemala- Rae Sremmurd

4. Youth (feat. Khalid)- Shawn Mendes

5. Balenciaga- Cheat Codes

6. The Reason- Chelsea Cutler

7. Anywhere- Mustard & Nick Jonas

8. Would You Mind- PRETTYMUCH

9. I Love It- Cheat Codes

10. I Did Something Bad- Taylor Swift

11. Longer Than I Thought- Loote & Joe Jonas

12. Particular Taste- Shawn Mendes

13. All Mine- Kanye West

14. 5 In The Morning- Charli XCX

15. Lonely Alone- Jeremy Zucker

16. This Way - Khalid & H.E.R.

17. Bed (feat. Ariana Grande)- Nicki Minaj

18. Out Of My Head- Loote

19. Magic in the Hamptons (feat. Lil Yachty)- Social House

20. IDWK- DVBBS & Blackbear

21. Life Changes- Thomas Rhett

22. Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness - Podcast

Hosted by Jonathan Van Ness from another obsession of mine, the Netflix show Queer Eye, this podcast is all about answering questions that JVN has. For example, the episode currently streaming on my phone is a conversation with fellow Queer Eye fashion expert, Tan France, and basically JVN asks Tan all the questions he wants to know about what makes Tan himself. He is HILARIOUS and probably top 10 favorite people of 2018. You should give him a listen, as well as obviously watch the first two seasons of Queer Eye.

Give them all a listen! If you want to check out what will be added to my Spotify each week, give me a follow!