A Letter To My Person
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A Letter To My Person

This is to my best friend who has been there for me all along.

A Letter To My Person

Dear Best Friend,

I have had many friends throughout my high school years. Many have left me, many have betrayed me and others changed their minds about me. You were always there. You stuck around for me. I could not be more grateful for that. I’m so thankful for you. So, I wanted to take the time to write this letter for you.

How We Met:

You had moved from one state to another. We were in the 8th grade when we first met. You were looking for new friends and the group of friends I had offered our last chair at our lunch table to you. Honestly, I was scared of you because you shared your story on why you came here. You had gotten kicked out because you got into a fight at your old school. But after a while, we became close.

Our Milestones:

8th grade year, we were in band class together. It was a lot of fun. Every class we would laugh nonstop. There was a time that you just kept sneezing and the whole class counted how many times you sneezed, the teacher even had to stop teaching. We always joked around and had such a good time.

Freshman year, we were in Color Guard together. We were all pretty good. We always ate a lot at the competitions. We were always trying cool tricks with our flags. The bus rides were the best. I remember one night I was all the way in the back of the bus with some of our other friends. Two guys had eaten chili when we stopped for dinner. They held a farting competition. They were trying to see how far up the bus it would travel. You were out cold until you smelled their farts. You jumped up and walked all the way to the back of the bus just to yell at those guys. That was probably one of the best moments we had that year.

Sophomore year, we didn’t talk as much because I had to quit Color Guard. I had hurt myself freshman year so it caused me to stop doing it. I was a little more focused on theatre now. I was in the musical production of High School Musical that year. You were at every show and that made me so happy.

Junior year, we were in the musical production of Footloose together. That was such a fun play. Every time we did the scene that I talked in, I would stare at you so I felt comfortable. I had to say my lines in a country accent and I would always make you break character. We always ate a lot when we had drop nights at rehearsal. After the show ended, we didn’t talk a whole lot.

Senior year, you became my person. Around the middle of the year, I lost one of my other friends. That’s when I came to you. You became my person. We were in theatre class together. We grew close and became permanent partners for that class. We were in one of the best plays that year too. When Senior Trip rolled around, I totally forgot to sign up for roommates. I was placed in a room that I knew no one in. I was having bad anxiety about staying in that room. I wanted to stay in a different room with people I felt comfortable with. You and two of our theatre classmates offered me your room. I was thankful for all three of you guys for doing that for me. We had such an amazing time when we were in Washington D.C. The bus rides were very interesting. We always rode the bus together. We grew so close on that trip that we shaved our legs in the hotel bathroom tub together. When we went to Prom and we danced the night away. You watched me fall in love with the perfect boy for me. We graduated together and that was so great. I was so happy that I found you.

What I Love About You:

You are so outgoing. You are not afraid to show yourself. You are super loud. You are not afraid to let everyone know what is on your mind. You are confident. You don’t care about what anyone thinks about you. You are funny. You can make anyone laugh or smile. You are super talented. You can draw, paint and sing. You are so amazing. I admire all of these traits and characteristics because I lack most of those traits. You balance me out. You make up for the traits and characteristics I lack. You fill those missing pieces of me. Thank you for that.

You are my best friend. You are my person. You are my other half. You are my sister. We have been through hell and back. We got our jobs together. We graduated together. I am so grateful for all the memories that we have made and shared together. I am so proud of all things that you and I have accomplished. I absolutely love your family. They all make me feel so welcome and at home. I love you and all that you do for me. We barely fight but we do get on each other’s nerves. You are such an amazing friend to me. I can’t wait to make you my maid of honor one day. I can’t wait to have children and make you a proud auntie. Thank you for sticking around and sticking by me.


Yours Truly

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