My Second Semester Of School Started, And I'm Not Thrilled

Today is Wednesday, so that means that this semester started exactly three days ago. However, so much has happened in that time. I can remember back to last semester, when everything was first getting started, everything took so long to kick-off. During the first week of school in the Fall, I can remember doing almost nothing for my classes. Now it's like I was just dropped off right in the middle of the semester.

All that is ok, to be honest. I am just glad to be back to see all my friends again and get another semester of college under my belt. I just feel like this semester will be a grind, but I'm up for it. I knew heading into the semester, that not everything was going to come easy, but that's also why I invite the challenge.

I mentioned in an article before how great the community of people that I have around me here at college. Guess what? They're still here. Not everything quite looks the same as it was last semester, but that great community is still here. I know that no matter where this long road that is college will take me, I know that I'll always have people here to walk down it with me.I'm very excited to see where the road takes me and I'm ready to continue the walk this semester.

I can already tell that this semester will not be very easy. I know, however, that I can face these challenges head-on and have success no matter what happens. I know that I can have success with everything that I do this semester and I'm just ready to go for it.

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