My first year in college was one of the most exciting times in my life. Aside from the social activities and meeting such great people; I had a purpose! I was driven to learn as much as possible on the topic of investing. I had such an incredible hunger for knowledge. My room was a reflection of this with books scattered all over my desk with tons of sticky notes coming out of them and the walls had more post-it notes. I stayed up most nights reading, watching YouTube videos, and taking notes on investing. I was so enthralled by the topic that I even watched movies about investing just so I could peer into the world of others that were living what I wanted to know more about.

Although it happened recently I cannot help but feel nostalgic because at that point in my life I had something that consumed a majority of my thoughts and drove me to do most of the things that I did on a daily routine. Most people in life spend lots of time looking for a purpose, a goal, a vision to free them from feelings of frustration, resentment towards whatever, anxiousness, comparison to others, etc.

I want to be consumed again by a vision that will force me to learn, practice and apply it over and over again until I have what I want. Being in that process of learning and applying is so satisfying because you have a reason for your actions and thoughts.
Lately, I have been attending to my many different interests in government, society, the mind, the idea of control, religion, power, online privacy, etc. Although this has been fun I wish to narrow down on one topic again to the point it gives me an idea of what I want to do with my life.

I plan on taking a day to reflect on my life, write goals down, go over them to make sure they are worthwhile, and make sure they relate to what I want out of my life. Currently, I know they must revolve around family, friends, my faith, my mental/physical health, education, and career. Ideally, my profession would be something I find very intellectually stimulating, allows me the flexibility to still be very much a part of my family, and supplies me with enough income so that I can travel, ensure that I have good health, and be financially free. The road that I am on is not solely in pursuit of money, but I mainly want my career to challenge me. To give me times of great happiness, and sometimes lessons in gratitude. Currently, I am studying trading options and I find myself attracted to them for several reasons. I am challenged. They provide me with knowing my maximum profit and loss numbers depending on the strategy I employ. It is more involving mentally which makes the reward that much sweeter.