There will be many that will say that the past year known as 2016, was one of the worst years known to man, and others that can arguably state that it was one of the best years. However, what I've noticed is that collectively, it wasn't a good or bad year, but rather something that can only be measured on a personal level.

Maybe it was your worst year because your biggest fear of Donald Trump becoming president actually happened, or maybe it was your best year because your greatest hope of Donald Trump becoming president actually happened. Perhaps it was your best year because you graduated college and landed your dream job, or got engaged to the man/woman of your dreams. Or it was your worst year because you experienced heartbreak like no other, or didn't get into your dream school, or even just felt like it wasn't your time to shine. When really thought through, all of these are personal setbacks and/or gains that made the lasting impression on what the year of 2016 was to us.

They always say "why wait until the new year to change," or "start now," but there really is something so refreshing and renewing about waiting until that last digit in the year changes. It's the perfect time to reflect on what this past year has been, where we've gone and what we've done, but also for the things that we would like to see happen differently in the upcoming year. One thing that I've also found about "New Years Resolutions" or "promises for the New Year" is that there are so many people with common vows to themselves. Yes, the surface of wanting to lose weight, or getting to the gym more, or not hitting snooze are all included, but even things that go below the surface like ditching those who aren't good for you anymore, putting yourself first, etc.

So, my promise to 2017 is to go into this year, and live each and everyday with the most positive mindset that can possibly be had. Yes, there are going to be very hard days because life isn't always sunshine, feeling great about yourself, and perfect margaritas every single day. To understand that there will be obstacles I could never have prepared for, days that will really test everything I am and what I have in me, and people that will leave that just aren't meant to be part of my story anymore. But more importantly, there will also be many days filled with laughter and love. Days that I will close my eyes at night feeling accomplished and proud, and days that will introduce me to new souls who are meant to stay.

My promise to 2017 is to cherish every moment for what it is, for you truly don't know when it will be the last. To acknowledge each and every single thing I'm feeling, and to not put myself down for feeling it. To work on creating the best possible version of myself, and to know that true love will follow and present itself when the time is right, for life has a funny way of working itself out. To never have to say "what if," and instead just diving in headfirst. To leave the past in the past, the present in the present, and the future in the future. To live one day at a time, and not plan unless it's absolutely necessary. Because lets be real-life never goes as planned. To speak the truth to others, but more importantly to myself. To listen to my gut feeling, and always my momma.

My promise to 2017 is to always take the scenic route, and always indulge in that dessert I'm craving. To go on more adventures even if it means more sleepless nights, to live my young life to its full potential. To push myself to be the best I can possibly be, and to live fearlessly. To focus on what really matters in life, like getting my degree and finding a career doing what I love, and to focus a lot less on the things that have no meaning at all, like the amount of likes on an Instagram picture or how many favorites I get on a tweet. To not compare myself to others I see on the internet or in person, for I am my own kind of beautiful, and to truly believe that in my heart. To put my phone down and be in the moment, and not always trying to capture the moment. To always reach out a helping hand when it is possible, and to not wait for the change to happen, but to be the change.

Here's to 2017; here's to 365 new days, 365 new opportunities, and 365 new chances. Here's to waking up, living, and letting go of whatever doesn't benefit me anymore. Here's to accepting the love I know I deserve, and not settling when it comes to friendships, love, or even a job. Here's to living each and every day like it's my last, and encouraging and motivating others with my own positive light. Here's to the good, the bad, and everything in between that will make and define my 2017.