13 Problems I Have With Thor: Ragnarok
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13 problems I have With Thor: Ragnarok

I'll never understand why everyone thinks it's so great.

13 problems I have With Thor: Ragnarok

"Thor: Ragnarok" is a very popular movie, and I honestly don't get the hype. There's a lot of reasons I hate it, and I'm gonna take you through most of them.

1. Too Much Humor


I don't mind humor at all. In fact, I believe when done right, it can add a lot to a film, but the way it was done in "Thor: Ragnarok" was not well done. It took away from the actual premise of the film: Ragnarok itself. We open up the movie with Thor, trapped in a cage, talking to the audience (which is not something I remember him doing in the comics, only Peter Parker, Loki, and Deadpool have to my knowledge), and he falls from the cage all tied up and is faced to who the audience would assume to be the bad guy. What is supposed to be a serious conversation turns into a painful to watch scene where Thor is spinning in his chains and interrupting the big bad guy. Cringy scenes like this happen throughout the film, seen when Thor is throwing stones at Loki's projection, when the Hulk gets out of the bath stark naked to just point at the plane that got him to the planet they are on, and when they keep calling the holes in the sky dropping debris, the "Devil's Asshole" (if this is not the actual name, I'm sorry I don't remember and honestly didn't want to take the time finding that scene and watching it again).

2. Loki's magic could easily outdo Dr. Strange


So one of my main problems with the Marvel movies is that they never fully show how powerful Loki is and just exactly what he can do. Loki is more than a mischief maker, making clones of himself and illusions to get what he wants. He can alter reality and get his kids in on his plans. He can wield the infinity stones with no problem and is overall the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe, yet he gets bested again and again, even though in the comics we seem him break the fourth wall, literally come back from the dead with Hela's help, live through death over and over again, and have all the Loki's from each universe come together. It's very upsetting that Doctor Strange, a human, can come in and best someone who is equivalent to a God.

3. Hela being their sister and not Loki's daughter


I get that the actress they chose made it so this explanation would be easier, but I really wish they stuck with Norse Lore and made her Loki's child. Even in some of the comics, she refers to Loki as her father.

4. Hela being the villian


​In a movie about Ragnarok, you would think that they would have chosen someone other than death herself to be the villain.

5. How is everyone outdoing Loki?


Another problem I have with Loki being bested is how they make him always go for his weapon and not his magic. He has the universe at his fingertips, yet he always goes to grab his knife? How does that make any sense?

6. Fenrir


Fenir, another one of Loki's children, being used in this movie was rather upsetting for me. Especially when they showed him being Hela's steed.

7. Gladiators? Really?


Gladiators is such an overdone plot point, that I really don't have much to say other than "Really?"

8. Banner/Widow ship


It's such a forced ship, that I just don't understand it. The fact that the Hulk was in control for so long, and just a recording of Widow could change him back to Bruce, just seems rather far-fetched. The two barely know each other and him being that in love with her just doesn't seem that realistic.

Yes, I know that realism doesn't work well with this topic, but still.

9. "You will always be the God of Mischief."


When Thor said this to Loki, a part of me died a little on the inside. Yes, Loki is by all accounts the God of Mischief, but he is also Thor's brother and a huge help overall. I also felt like, with Loki being officially dead in the MCU, that this was a bad way to go in the film.

10. Valkyrie/Thor implied ship


Now I don't have much proof of the ship being implied, especially with the fact that Valkyrie is supposed to be bisexual and they took her scene showing that out of the movie, but there definitely was some tension between them that I didn't approve of. Yes, Thor broke up with earth girl, but Valkyrie is bisexual and I wish that was shown in the movie.

11. Loki stealing the Cube


I get that him stealing the cube helped lead into Infinity War, but the way it was done was poor, seeing as there was no real reason for him to take it in the first place except greed. At this point, Loki's greed would not have overpowered him.

12. Thor and the Throne


Most of the movie Thor goes on and on about how it's not about the throne and that he doesn't want it, yet at the end, he gets it and doesn't complain. Granted, what he is sitting in isn't a throne, but the symbolism is there. Just look at the photo above, and don't tell me Thor is not the "King" in this shot. A full movie about him not needing something he ends up getting is rather disappointing.

13. Loki not dying until "Infinity War"


Loki was supposed to be the start of Ragnarok, and the end of it. He fulfilled both parts. Putting the mask in the eternal flame and releasing Surtur started Ragnarok, and him stealing the cube which housed an infinity stone and brought Thanos to them. Loki's death at the beginning of Infinity War ended Ragnarok. But the way they transitioned from Ragnarok to Infinity Wars was poorly done, especially with how Loki died. Once again, Loki went and tried to use a weapon instead of his magic, and this is what caused his death. Throughout the movies one thing is constant; they are not using Loki to the fullest of his abilities and with the fact that he is not coming back, something great has been lost.

Overall, this was a total disappointment for me, even though it's just about everyone's favorite. It totally ruined the lore already in place for no good reason and was a disservice to Marvel comic fans everywhere.

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