"Not all heroes wear capes."

I was reminded of this quote by my friend in one of my classes today. This got me thinking about how true and apt this quote actually was.

It got me thinking, what exactly do you mean by a hero?

Who exactly is your hero? Is it your parents? Just your mom or just your dad, your siblings, your uncle? Your aunt, your grandparents? Your teachers, your mentors, or your peers?

How do you establish who your hero is? Who is the person you want to look up to and who is the person who you decide to idolize.

Personally, I believe that my hero is everyone.

From a celebrity to a public leader, from someone in my family to a complete stranger.

I believe everyone possesses a unique ability or talent, which makes them capable of teaching something to others.

Nobody is perfect and no one ever will be. I believe that there is no harm in stating the obvious and as cliched as it sounds I must admit that I learn something new- the good, the bad and the ugly - daily.

Be it from my parents who teach me daily on how to be strong and how to look for the positives in everything to my younger sister who teaches me that there is nothing wrong in believing in something and sticking by your thoughts and beliefs always.

It is not only my family that I learn from, I believe that there is ample opportunity to learn from everyone.

For instance, while in India I once overheard someone say that their day had been made when a person on the street handed them a free coupon to Domino's.

This taught me that you do not have to know the person to do something good for them and to make someone happy.

While in college, my friends also taught me to practice self-love. They taught me to be independent and self-sufficient and taught me that I was bound to be disappointed by people and to be happy with what I have.

Recently one of my professors called me to her office to talk because she wanted my help to get to know India better.

while this may have seemed pointless now that I think about it, it taught me not to feel ashamed of asking people for help and that I can always learn something new

I believe that everyone can teach you something, if you just take the time to stop, look and realize it.

Hence today I would like to say thanks. Thanks to everybody who is a part of my life. Everyone who has taught me something important, a lesson, a teaching, anything.

To you, I want to say thank you! You truly are my hero, my Idol.