The #1 Pet Peeve Shared By Every Kylee, Kylie, And Kiley

The #1 Pet Peeve Shared By Every Kylee, Kylie, And Kiley

Do you have a common name but it's spelled in a completely different way than normal? Or an uncommon name and absolutely no one knows how to spell it? Yeah, well. I get that.


My name is Kiley and, as you just read, it's spelled a bit differently than the normal "Kylie" spelling. Whenever I order from, say Starbucks or any other quick eats place, it turns into a fun guessing game for me as to how people will decide to spell it.

Here are five different ways I've seen people spell my name.

1. Kylee

I can't say I've met someone that has spelled it this way, but if you're sounding it out, I can understand how this would come out.

2. Kiele

I mean, what?? I got a confirmation text for an appointment and this is how they spelled my name. Wanna know something funny? I even spelled it out for them!

3. Kyleigh

I actually like this way of spelling if I'm being honest, but no, this ain't it.

4. Kiely

I mean… Close but no cigar.

5. Kyly

Yeah, this is just all sorts of wrong.

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