My Musical Journey
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My Musical Journey

Hello, I am back and I have an announcement. As some of you may know, during this quarantine I have decided to pursue music as more than just a hobby and I have began to independently release original compositions on streaming platforms. So, with that in mind, I will be releasing my first EP in October showcasing my work. However, before I get into that process, I would like to discuss my process and feelings surrounding the project.

My Musical Journey

To my friends in real life, this may seem like a strange path for my to take up because I have not talked about my interest in music as going anything beyond stanning Marina Diamandis, but for those of you who are my internet friends, y'all know what's up.

First, I began my interest when I taught myself how to play the piano when I was very young. From there, my interest in music expanded and I began to gather this taste for wanting to be something bigger than I thought I could be at the time. As the years went on, I had more and more of an interest in music production and even being a vocalist, but I never pursued that desire until recently. However, an election came into the middle of that interest and I was compelled to do my part and pursue a career in politics for my undergraduate degree.

So my music interest faded and I was inclined to become something still bigger than what I thought I was capable but something still in the public eye. Unfortunately, that passion quickly faded out into my sophomore year and the music interest came back, but I was too deep into my studies to switch majors.

Fast forward to junior year, my interest in music peaked and I began feeling more and more comfortable with the idea that I was destined for the music industry. It was something I always enjoyed and I loved how it made me feel. I watched so many interviews of artists ranging from Lana Del Rey and Marina Diamandis to Nicki Minaj to Greyson Chance talking about their music and I wanted to be that. I wanted people to be interested and connect with me through my music as much as I connected with the aforementioned artists. From there, I became determined to learn the ins and the outs.

I downloaded Garageband and began experimenting with different beats and even creating my own, but at this stage I was not looking to be a vocalist. For a long time I learned the ropes of music production from listening to what sounds good, to the arrangement, to mixing and mastering a song. At that point, I had created/produced about 20 little instrumentals, but I never posted them (and thank god I did not, they were so bad lol). But at the time I was proud, but also struggling with my mental health, relationships, and other various life dramas. Thus, I put my music on hold for a while until I picked it up again in August of 2019 and stuck with it ever since.

To me, the process has been frustrating but very rewarding. I loved creating the beats and arranging them together to create a nice sound. I also began vocals around this time, watching countless videos on it and singing my own tunes as well as even copying the notes from my fave artists to see if I can even sound good. It turns out, I may not have Ariana Grande vocals, but I can at least sound good. Thus, from there, my thirst to make it into the industry grew and I created outlets for my music and using my Twitter account to promote myself. Most of my stuff went onto soundcloud because I was not commercially releasing music on streaming services at the time. However, I finally got the courage and posted my first song, an instrumental to all streaming platforms. It was really exciting and some of my friends really liked it. So I decided to release more and not only has this process been exciting, but it has been therapeutic to be writing about my struggles and having others connect to it.

Thus, I finally have gathered enough support to begin releasing an EP of which I have finished mixing and mastering, but the release date is dependent on a few things such as getting a job to pay for this because getting into the industry is quite expensive–– especially for a new independent artist like myself who is not signed to a label. Nonetheless, I am very excited for this EP, titled 'Feelings'. It is more synth/dream pop, similar to that of BANKS's 'Goddess' album. It talks about my views of the world and relationships and I am very proud of the record. So far, my internet friends are excited for it. Speaking of, I have a brand new single coming out August 14th, titled "The World is Changing" which is the lead single from the EP.

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me throughout this journey. I am excited to get out there and see where this path takes me!

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