The Overwhelming Love I Have For My Mother

My mom is my best friend, and she always will be. She will always be the first person I turn to for advice, and she will always be my partner in crime. She is truly beautiful inside and out, and without her, I would not be who I am today.

Sometimes all I need when I am down are her goofy jokes and words of wisdom. She herself has been through many hard times, but she always prevails and tries to look at the bright side. Watching her handle herself has made me want to be exactly like her. She holds her head high, demands respect, and loves unconditionally. Needless to say, she is a badass.

We are so alike yet so different, but we always try to help one another be the best person we can be. Her life lessons will forever guide me through my life, and her words of wisdom will forever echo in my ear whenever I am confronted with a problem. Some may find it weird that I can talk to my mother about anything, but I think it is actually an amazing gift. My mom only wants whats best for me, so why would I not seek out her opinions?

Perhaps one of the best traits my mom has instilled in me is to be strong. I am the type of person who will always tell you how I feel; I will forever speak my mind, and I will always defend myself and those closest to me if I deem necessary. My mom always says "Say what you mean. Don't say it mean." There have been a few times when maybe I have slipped on the second part, but I am working on it.

I would not want anyone else to be my mom, and I know I am so privileged. How could I be so lucky? I thank God every day for my mom, and in many aspects of my life, I strive to be just like her. I have so much respect for my mother, and one day, if I ever have a daughter I hope she loves me as much as I love my mom.

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