I’m that girl that has to call her mom every day (and truthfully, sometimes multiple times a day). My mom is my best friend, my confidant, and my rock. From learning to walk to my breakdowns over not knowing what to do with my life, she’s been there every step of the way to pick me back up and give me the push I need. I’m so thankful for you, Momma. Thank you for everything.

She’s there to tell me how it is

When I’m being dramatic or overthinking things, she’s the first person to tell me exactly how ridiculous I’m being. 13-year-old me wasn’t having it, but now that I’m an “adult,” I appreciate it more than ever. Her (sometimes) brutal honesty has made me into the strong woman I am now.

She’s there to be a shoulder to cry on

Life’s hard. Sometimes you change majors five times by your second semester (true story). My mom was my compass at a time when I was so very lost. She was there to listen when I just needed someone to vent to. She was there to give me advice when I needed guidance.

She’s the one who taught me to love the Lord

Faith was always something important in my family. It was always encouraged but never forced. Ever since I could remember, she would do bible study at the kitchen table, she’d leave verses in our lunch boxes, and she’d show us scripture in times of confusion. Her love for the Lord and love to spread his joy is something that I’ve always looked up to.

She always inspires me to do more of what I love

Regardless of my hobby at that time, I’ve always been told to pursue what makes me happy. From years and years of dance to a ridiculous makeup obsession, she’s always supported what I love to do. When it came to college, I had a major that “guaranteed” a high-paying job. When I realized that's not what I wanted to do, I received nothing but support when changing majors. Thank you for being my #1 cheerleader.

She pushes me to be my best

Ever since I was in elementary school, I’ve always been guided to do everything I do to the best of my abilities. From school to sports to friendships, she’s always been there to guide me and push me to be better and better. Without her support and love, I know I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.

Here’s to you, Mom. I love you.