My Mindset As A Senior

Have you ever been more motivated to do better, be better? That's my mindset I have as a senior this year. After the past few years, I have been through hell and back. Assignments piled high, the unavoidable social drama, pushing myself to jump outside of the box and conquer all my fears. College is truly an amazing place. We as students, can sit and complain about how we wish summer was here and how much we hate our professors and their harsh grading techniques, but in retrospect, there's nothing like it. Where else are you going to find people who challenge you on a regular basis. Where else are you going to meet people from all over the country- all over the world, with different ways of thinking and seeing the world. After these four years, I will be leaving college with more that a BA degree, but having learned so much more than any book can teach me. Let's face it, I'll probably be years in debt, still confused on where I want to go with my life, but nothing and no one can take away the knowledge I've gained during my four years and that is a beautiful thing.

Just seeing how far I've come! As a freshman, I was so concerned with others around me and doing things to please everyone around me, but me! Which is crazy to think that a person can care that much about something or something that has nothing to do with them, but it happened people! Now, I am blossoming into an independent young woman so eager to see what the world has to offer. I'm ready for it.

The advice I would give to freshman, it is true what they say about these four years flying by. And it is also true what they say about your Freshman class getting smaller and smaller and the month's roll by. Some people are not made for college and that is ok. The question you have to ask yourself is are you one of those people? Are you going to utilize this amazing, once in a lifetime opportunity that you've been handed? Are you going to prove to yourself and everyone else who thought you wouldn't make it this far? Are you going to have the will to wake up for that 8am class and approach each day with the same vigor and enthusiasm as the previous day? If the answer is yes, share this article. Inspire those around you. Your goal is to get to this mindset and face the world head high, and a fire in your eyes.

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