My Love and Hate Relationship With Social Media

Social media has to be one of the best software and applications ever being created for personal and business use. Within the years, the age of technology has been growing via the internet with millions of software and applications, making them later accessible at our fingertips. As the evolution of technology shifted into social media, new apps are being used right at this moment. As a communications major, social media is a big outlet for my future career and its something that I love. Social media is a connection between friends and businesses. It helps build relationships and create worldwide trends and topics. Social media has become a global evolution and has transformed itself as an everyday essential for most people. As much as I love social media, there are negative aspects that I dislike.

Today, social media is evolved around everyone, especially for personal use. Many find it as a necessity to check on their social accounts almost every day, and every hour, creating a bad habit of not using oral communication as often. Social media created this obsession with younger adolescents to always be active on many social media platforms. Having to keep up with an artificial lifestyle and creating FOMO (fear of missing out) since many post images or videos being shared on events or things they're doing at the moment. While that may seem harmful it has created and addictive faux lifestyle for many, that they feel like they have to one up each other. Social media also created another platform for crimes being involved such as cyber bullying which has cost the lives of many. While social media has its defects and is trying to improve every day not to create harm, it is one of the greatest accomplishments of the technology era.

Social media is another form of communication for the 21st century via digital world. It has helped many gain knowledge on worldwide issues that are always trending in social media, it gets others aware of what's happening around the world, social media also created buzz on new products and companies. It has become a new form of marketing strategy and customer service. It has also helped many to reach out their opinion about anything to people and companies. And of course keeps relationships and forms new ones. It is the type of technology that continues to shift onto new things every moment. While the success of social media continues to grow , the negative aspect of social media grows with it as well. There is still negative issues going around social media and sadly I believe there is no way to stop it. I guess when something is done right it is never perfect, it will always have its negative con.

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