This November, I'll be 23 years old. I remember when I was in elementary school my sister five years my senior seemed older and that much cooler, but someone in their 20s really had it all. I remembered I couldn't wait to be 20! I would be a "real" adult then, and in my adorable yet naive head, I believed I'd be married by the time I was 24. I just got out of the only relationship I ever wanted to end in marriage. And had that relationship not ended, my young-minded goal of being married by age 24 wouldn't have been so far-fetched.

Disclaimer: If you got married young, are getting married young, I am not against that! I am not knocking that choice at all. I think if you have found the right person, and you haven't rushed into the marriage, that is awesome. But for me, it isn't in the cards. And for the first time in a year or so I'm realizing that is OK. But just because young marriage isn't going to be on the table for me doesn't mean I don't get to enjoy weddings! I am blessed to stand next to so many of my friends and family as they say "I Do".

Now that I am single again and trying to figure out my next steps, I have to chuckle at myself how important it seemed to be married by the time I reached 25. I love the Bachelor franchise, but I always giggle at the contestants who are 22 on the show acting as if the show is their last resort. It seems so silly that they feel like there is no time or chance for them to find love. At age 22! Your 20s is such a pivotal time to really figure out who you are as an adult! If you aren't ready to walk down the aisle that's OK. You may be a lot like me where instead, you have the gift of being involved in many weddings. And if you think about it you have the upper hand!

I am ALWAYS in a wedding. You may think that sounds silly but I have been in at least one or two weddings consistently since 2016. And it won't stop any time soon! As my bridesmaid dresses begin to stack up, I realize how blessed I am that friends and family want to include me in their special day. I have also had the honor to read scripture, sing, and do makeup for brides! It is such an amazing experience to be behind the scenes for someone's special day- and I have to ask myself who am I to get the opportunities to do so?