I love my life as a YouTuber. It is an interesting thing I get to bring up to new people I meet and hands down my favorite job I have ever had. Over the years I have learned about the good, the bad and the ugly about being an online content creator. YouTube is not always fun and games so you have to learn to take the good with the bad. This can be hard to explain to those who do not understand so here is my life as a YouTuber as told by gifs!

1. Getting a really good video idea out of nowhere

There is no controlling a creative mind. The ideas will flow while you are showering, while you are ordering food at Chick-fil-A or even when you wake up in the middle of the night at 3 A.M.

2. When your battery dies halfway through recording

Nothing compares to the frustration of running out of memory or a battery dying. It is usually impossible to pick up where you left off so you probably have to start all over. GREAT.

3. Scrolling through the nice comments

You do not become a YouTuber to get attention or nice comments, but there is nothing wrong with enjoying some great feedback! It helps keep you motivated and reminds you people like your work.

4. Then stumbling upon some mean ones

It would not be the internet if there were not some trolls trying to ruin all the fun. Just block them and move on! Who needs unnecessary comments from user_i_like_trolling69?

5. After working really hard on a video

Sometimes people do not realize just how much goes into a five-minute video, let alone a 20-minute one. For a few minutes of viewing pleasure, a YouTuber spends hours, if not days, creating. Always be proud!

6. When your editor freezes

Even worse: when your computer freezes and deletes everything you have been working on for the past six hours. Try to remember to save your progress from time to time. We have all been there.

7. People asking you how much money you make

I do not usually ask someone how much they make since I think it could be probing or rude, so why treat YouTubers any differently. If I want you to know how much I get paid I will tell you myself.

8. The excitement of posting a new video

The panicked rush for updating all your social medias and refreshing the video to see how it is going. Also, you cannot forget to watch the video again just to triple check if there were any editing mistakes.

9. Getting ready to film takes some time

You usually want to look your best self on camera so that takes some work. You also cannot forget to make your set up and background appealing.

10. When people pull up your videos in front of you

It is inevitable. I have survived having my videos played at parties, in front of older relatives and on the big screen in a classroom. I can survive anything at this point!

11. Finding out your audio wasn't working after you filmed

If it is not one thing, it is another. Something always has to go wrong. I will admit having no audio is probably one of the worst options. There is no fixing it.

12. Reaching a new subscriber goal

Hitting a new goal is just one giant pat on the back. You realize what you create is sticking with others and makes all your insanity from filming and editing 100 percent worth it.