My Life as a Short Girl
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If you know me personally, you know that I have never been a tall person. I have always been the shortest among my friends, except for this one time I was taller than one of my friends for a few months in middle school. That was an exciting few months! I am five feet tall, a whole 60 inches, and while that itself is not a problem, there are several issues that come with it. So here we go, an insight to what my life is like.

Good luck finding proper fitting pants

This is probably the number one problem I face when shopping for clothes. Normal pants are too long on me, and the "short" size is no better. These jeans are supposed to be made for people who are around my height, yet they're still as long as normal pants are on me. Because of this I tend to stick with leggings, and if I do wear jeans, I stick with skinny jeans because at least I can bunch them up around my ankles or roll them. To give some visual assistance, here is what it looks like trying on jeans for me.

"Can you reach ____________ for me?"

I hate this question so much! I'd honestly rather just climb on something to reach what I need, however this is not appropriate in most public places. When you're with a friend or family member, this question is pretty easy to ask because they'll just make a short joke. It gets weird when you're by yourself and you need to ask a random person to reach something for you because you're awkward, they're awkward, and you just want something off of a higher up place. What makes this question a whole lot worse, is when they get the object for you but they still hold it out of your reach so that you have to jump for it. This is both annoying and embarrassing for me.

"Would you like a big menu or a little menu?"

Here's the story of the time I went out to dinner with my family after my high school graduation, something that still irks me to this day. I was all dressed up from my high school graduation, make up done, hair curled, four inch heels, and a strapless dress. We got to Olive Garden and when it was time for us to be seated, the host looked at me and quite seriously asked "Would you like a big menu or a little menu?". My mom said that if looks could kill, he would've been dead right then and there because of the look I gave. Occurrences like this happen all the time, but this one specifically irritated me. I look younger than I really am. While I won't mind this when I'm 60-years-old, I mind it a lot now. It's hard to take someone my height seriously.

Tell me something I haven't heard.

Ah, short jokes. The bane of my existence. I'm 110% sure that I have heard every short joke there is. I would be thoroughly impressed with you if you could make a short joke that I have never heard, but for now they still annoy me. It gets a little old being out in public and hearing "look, it's taller than you" or saying a long word and hearing "that word's bigger than you", or my favorite one, "there's a height requirement to be your age." And while all of these are meant to be fun and light-hearted, they get really old really quick. Seriously, I will pay you a bazillion dollars if you can tell me a short joke I've never seen or heard.

Oh cute, I'm your arm rest now.

Literally the most annoying part of being short, ever! Just because you can put your arm on my head or shoulder, does not mean you should. This either hurts my shoulder or head, or you mess up my hair, and both of those things make me unhappy. Also, like short jokes, it gets really old really quick. I will probably pinch you in the side, punch you in the side, or tickle you to make you stop, so save yourself some pain.

Overall, I don't mind being a short girl; I think I'm pretty cute. However, these are just a few things that really irritate me. If you're short too, just embrace it and take all of these problems with a grain of salt. These problems most likely won't get fixed unless you grow, to which I say good luck, because I've tried.

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