Time To Decide If You Would Publicize A Photo Of Your Death

Time To Decide If You Would Publicize A Photo Of Your Death

The #MyLastShot campaign is encouraging adversaries of gun violence to willingly publish photos of their death if it results from gun violence.


Students from Columbine High School along with activists in the movement against gun violence have created an organization called My Last Shot. The concept is simple, to sell stickers for those who support the movement to put on personal belongings such as cell phones or IDs. These stickers state "In the event that I die from gun violence, please publicize the photo of my death." There is a space for the owner of the sticker to sign and the hope is that law enforcement and media will then publish photos of gun violence deaths no matter how graphic.

The originators of My Last Shot say that they noticed how moved the public was by graphic pictures of Emmett Till, who was an adolescent black boy killed by lynching. Till changed the state of racial violence in the United States and, while we are far from eradicating the problem entirely, seeing a young boy's body in the state that Till's was left in was powerful enough to alter opinions. The thought is that if the public can see real photos of bodies destroyed by guns, they will be more likely to support gun reform.

This issue is important because when gun violence occurs, especially in schools, the media and the public is quick to not publicize the specific deaths out of respect for families of victims. Legislators offer their thoughts and prayers for families but no effective legislation is ever passed. The creators of My Last Shot want to encourage young people, including students, to speak with their families and make it clear that they want their death to be used for progress in the event that they die from gun violence. These stickers give permission for personal photos to be shown and personal stories to be told. This movement has the potential to humanize gun violence and show the country who this really affects.

Beyond the actual showing of photos and telling of stories, putting this sticker on a personal ID or phone shows solidarity for the issue at hand. Gun violence in the United States is not ending any time soon, and progress is slow to pass legislation that will actually do something to fix the problem. It is time for people who truly want to change to stand up and show how important this issue is. Think of how many times in a day someone sees your ID or your phone. A sticker with such a statement shows unwavering support for this important issue, giving you a silent way to show your solidarity with victims of gun violence and show people in your life how dire the state of gun violence has become.

I know that I will be ordering a sticker and speaking with my family about what I want if I am a victim of gun violence. I want to make a difference in whatever way possible and in the event that I become a statistic for this very important issue, I want to be more than a number. If I'm a victim of gun violence, I want to know that I put every precaution in place to make a real difference, even if I'm not here to see it.

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The newest platform for gun related videos

YouTube's latest policy banning content that shows and teaches viewers how to modify and/or manufacture guns has sent disgruntled gun enthusiasts to upload their videos to PornHub.

YouTube's decision to ban this content was due in part to a video featured on YouTube Kids that was essentially a tutorial on how to build an air rifle. After receiving various complaints, the platform decided that such content was unsuitable for children.

Previously, YouTube had only banned videos that were related to the sale of guns and their various accessories.

While PornHub is a rather questionable choice, to say the least, it does coincide with YouTube's claim that gun-related videos are unsuitable for children.

While gun bloggers that had previously uploaded their content to YouTube claim that this new policy is a violation of their rights as U.S. citizens, they are still able to upload their videos PornHub and even Facebook.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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Having Guns Around Doesn't Make Me Feel Safe

Officials want to have laws that put guns in every place that I am supposed to feel safe, and yet, in every place there is a gun, I feel scared.


According to SB 7030 (which must be passed by the House to be written into law), Florida teachers will be able to carry firearms under the "Armed Guardians" program. Teachers must undergo a psychological evaluation and training program to be able to carry their gun and districts must approve the program to introduce the program to the teachers, staff, students, and parents.

SB 7030 was introduced after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February of last year and had a total of twenty-two to seventeen votes to pass to the House. It would offered in applicable school districts and teachers would volunteer to take part in the program (including evaluations and training).

Although there has been eight school shootings since January 1, 2019, and there were twenty-four school shootings in 2018 (328 mass shootings total - almost one every day of the year) and according to the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School, there were 94 school shootings involving guns - which is an increase of 59% since 2006 and a record high since 1970.

Officials want to have laws that put guns in every place that I am supposed to feel safe, and yet, in every place, there is a gun, I feel scared.

Elementary school is when I started learning about Code Red drills. In fifth grade, I remember hearing the principal announce a code red, and every child in my class rushing to the back of the classroom, voices completely silent. Soon, every drill was standard - once a month: fire drill, code red, lock-downs - and you don't think much of the threats that are "supposedly" in place.

Sandy Hook is the first time that I felt threatened in a school. In 2012, I was in eighth grade, halfway through the year and getting ready to move into high school - it's scary enough to be a freshman, I didn't think that this was something I would have to be worried about.

Our classrooms had the news on immediately - and I remember not learning much in history that morning, because really, I was watching history happen, and I would remember it. I remember everyone being silent, as every hour more children were being put into the hospital - or worse, their faces were on the television because their lives were lost to a someone with a gun. I remember someone saying, "Our parents saw Columbine happen, and now we're watching Sandy Hook. Kids are going to have this in a history book."

Kids are going to have this in a history book.

I sat in a classroom and watched twenty-six partners, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, learn that their spouse, their six and seven-year-old children had died by a human being with a rifle.

In my freshman year of college, a concert in Las Vegas became the deadliest mass shootings in United States history.

In my freshman year of college, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, a high school three hours away from Orlando, became the place of one of the deadliest school shootings in United States history.

Seventeen students and faculty killed.

I have a younger brother. He's seventeen. He's going to be a senior in high school this year.

I don't understand how we are continuing to have this conversation.

I don't understand how after children are being murdered, there is no discussion on how to make gun control a priority.

I don't understand how the government can claim themselves to be "pro-life" when they aren't saving the lives that are going to be the future of this country that everyone believes to be so great.

I don't understand how abortions are becoming illegal faster than an assault rifle.

I am sick of this. I am sick of having to fight with adults about how a gun, how an automatic weapon that can kill dozens of innocent children and adults in minutes is not banned.

I don't feel safe. I don't feel secure.

I don't feel like my professor is going to be able to kill an armed shooter in a nanosecond when they start shooting in a classroom.

I don't feel like one training is going to be enough.

I don't feel like psychological testing is enough.

I. Don't. Feel. Safe.

I don't care about how much you need a gun. I don't care how you think that the Constitution is right.


I, literally, don't care.

I refuse to be in a classroom where there are guns. I refuse to be in a place where any individual can carry a gun, with the possibility that there was no psychological testing and safety training. I refuse to be in a society where mass shootings have become so normal, that we are almost immune to seeing that there was an act of gun violence anywhere.

Only mass shootings in schools, religious sanctuaries, and public places are publicly announced, too.

Our society's media sources don't discuss how many suicides are completed by guns. Outlets don't discuss how easy it is for someone that is mentally unstable to access and buy firearms.

Once a mass shooting occurs, everyone wants to blame the mental illness and create such a stigma around mental health that you can't even mark down that you have a mental illness without "warning" employers of possible instability.



I don't care what you think the Second Amendment is trying to say.

It's outdated. It's an excuse to continue using weapons that are created for mass destruction and shouldn't be in an environment that is meant to be a safe space.

We can agree. We can disagree. However, I think that everyone should come to a common ground in believing that there is something wrong with the system. How is there ever an opportunity for someone to use a semi-automatic rifle? How is there ever use for a rifle that can kill dozens of individuals - children - at a time?

Don't have an answer?

Good. It's because there isn't one.

Our government uses the Constitution as an excuse to have ugly behavior. Our government claims to be "pro-life" but won't take away the thing that kills thousands of people every year. Our government claims to have the interest of the people but takes no precaution to listen to what the people want.

I'm scared of guns. I'm scared of people who have guns. I don't feel safe where there are guns around.

Guns don't and won't ever make me feel safe.

One could hope that someone is finally going to realize that.

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