My Instagram Is God's Platform Now, And I Love It
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My Instagram Is God's Platform Now, And I Love It

How I'm embracing God being the spotlight of my Instagram stories

My Instagram Is God's Platform Now, And I Love It

I really wanted to be normal for just one day on Instagram with my stories, but I ended up posting something super Christian and Catholic anyway.

It kind of frustrated me, actually. I'll explain why.

You see, ever since I figured out how to add to my story on Instagram this past winter, I've been consistently adding Christian memes, Catholic saint quotes, and theology information to my Instagram story. Yes, I'll add in a couple of "purely for fun" things, like information about Chic-fil-a, my third album of music being online, and an in-depth analysis about a Disney movie no one asked for (lol).

But most of the time, my platform is about God. And sometimes, I am afraid of losing friends because of it.

I still have a fear of being the "Jesus-freak."

This fear started in fifth grade when someone I looked up to said I was too into our Public School Religion (PSR) classes. I've gotten over most of my fears of living my Catholic faith boldly since then (I'm a college graduate)... but sometimes, I just want people to know I am truly, in most ways, completely ordinary and normal.

Want to talk about a cool movie you just saw? Count me in. Want to go outside on a nature hike? As long as we're not running or repelling off of rock cliffs without harnesses, I'm so there. Want to discuss current events, your Grandma's new haircut, and/or how excited you are to travel the world someday (way after this pandemic is over)? YES PLEASE let's talk about it!

I love Taylor Swift, old time musicals, taking long hot showers, making sand castles, taking walks to just get some away time from my family, buying stickers for my waterbottles+laptop, "Based on a true story" movies, ice cream and gelato, traveling the world, frequenting thrift stores, AND MORE.

I'm so normal, y'all, except for this one very important thing that defines my whole life... and is now making me more unique (and not normal in the world's eyes) every day.... (see below)

I believe in Jesus Christ being the true Son of God who used his life, death, and resurrection to redeem the world from sin, save us from Hell, and call us back into living in unity with the Holy Trinity (God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). I believe in the Catholic Church being the church started by Jesus Christ to bring His messages of love and holy Sacraments to the world to help us all get to heaven, if we so choose it. Living out these beliefs in a Catholic way makes me very unordinary in the world's eyes.

Christians are not ordinary. They never really can be. So I don't know why I thought my Instagram platform could be ordinary when I love God so much that I gush about Him in person all the time.

Now I know better. My whole life is turning into God's platform.
(Said in a hushed, melodramatic voice) He's taking over everything! (Cracks into a wide smile and starts laughing at how melodramatic I made that sound, because really, God being in the spotlight is a good thing. Better than me being in the limelight).

But I'm going to talk about how I felt before I came to this realization that my life turning into God's platform is the normal I seek.

I had (past tense) this fear that people who watched my stories on Instagram would think that I'm only able to talk about God when really, my interests are diverse and varied AND my love for people with different beliefs for me is SO REAL. As the cliche expression goes, "the love is real." :D

But the thing is, even though my interests are diverse and varied, the first thing and the most important thing I consider doing with my life IS talking about God.

Why? Because He is so good. And I never get tired of talking about that.

I love explaining (in small, short ways) Catholic theology to people in ways that they understand what is actually going on there. I love Christian memes and jokes. I love love love saint quotes that help encourage ME to be more merciful, patient, forgiving, kind, motivated, loving, and hardworking. So I repost this stuff. I think "maybe someone else will benefit from this!" Then I click "send".

I pray God uses my posts on Instagram to help people draw closer to Him. Truly, it is a joy to repost/post Christian stuff, to potentially educated people about who God is, what is right and wrong, and even how to laugh at funny things Christians and Catholics do along the way.

Posting so much info about God might not make me normal in the secular world's eyes, but I think it would be completely normal in heaven.

As Christians, how we act on earth should be how we will (God willing!) act in heaven.

So if delighting in God with good-natured jokes and theological discussions happens in heaven, then that's the normal I should seek here on earth.

Posting consistently about Christian stuff might cause people to unfollow me or think poorly of me (because they don't like what I say and/or they don't like God). I have to be more okay with the fact that not everyone will like me during my time here on earth.

I need to get it into my head that as a Christian, I'm going to make enemies because I'm counter-cultural --- because I am not working for this world's agendas but for God's agenda.

A really cool thing about social media is if someone doesn't want to read what I've posted on my story that day, they don't have to. I'm not mad in the slightest at the thought of someone ignoring what I've posted, or even muting me. That's totally their call and I respect that. Remembering that has given me more confidence to keep being me, talking about important topics, and not being as "normal" as maybe I'd like to be sometimes.

At the end of the day, I guess I am a Jesus-freak. But I like the term Jesus-follower or Jesus-nerd better. Cuz Jesus nerds and followers are cool, y'all. At least, that's my opinion. Believe what you want ❤️

Here are challenging reflection questions for you:

~ Do you stop talking about things important to you because of fear? What things do you sometimes not open up about? Why not?

~ How can you challenge yourself to open up more this week?

LOVE YOU ALL! Over and out!


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