Excitement demands to be felt. Whether you are one to try to hide it or someone who embraces it, excitement is an unsatisfying feeling that cannot be fulfilled.

Excitement is the butterflies that are speedily flying in your stomach, which always seemed to be a weird concept to me. Excitement should be something that is celebrated. Often times when I show excitement, I also have a feeling of embarrassment that races from the middle to the ends of my body. Of course, this feeling, starts in my stomach.

I find it to be a funny coincidence how similar anxiety feels to excitement, but of course everyone feels emotion differently. You could be reading this thinking I'm insane, but how should I know? Does anyone truly know how to express how they feel? Is there really one proper way to do so?

How much excitement is allowed to be felt? I ask this because I feel that often times I am shut down at my happiest. Am I a bad person for feeling excitement? As someone who has deemed herself a natural pessimist, becoming an optimist in a situation is difficult.

Excitement works hand and hand with anxiety for someone like me. As someone who hates an excessive amount of attention, but also hates awaited arrivals. How should one remain calm when everyone around you is raging with pure excitement?

I have always been one to over plan if something is happening, but when is it too early to start? There will always be someone saying what a bad idea something exciting to you is. It may make you overthink your excitement.

Why should I get excited about something when it easily could fall to pieces? Nothing is long term, nothing lasts forever. This is why I hate excitement entirely.

Excitement is a regretful feeling because once what you're excited about is over what is left? Is it selfish to think this way?