My Idea Of A Perfect Day Off
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My Idea Of A Perfect Day Off

For an overworked and sleep deprived girl with A Netflix account.

My Idea Of A Perfect Day Off

My mothers raised a workaholic. I tend to come in on my days off for a few extra hours and come in as early as possible.

I moved out when I was 17, and have been supporting myself as best as I could, since that day.

Now, once in a while, I'll allow myself to hit snooze on my day off and enjoy the beauty of doing nothing.

I'm going to share with you my idea of a perfect day off, for an overworked and sleep deprived lady with a Netflix account.

1. Sleep

That is a given. I'm usually up by 7 am, so sleeping in until 10-11 am is a glorious thing.

Waking up to the sun shining through my window mixed with the type of stretch that evokes an inhuman noise from within your soul, knowing you have nowhere to be, is a thing of beauty.

If my parents had stressed to me that I would be begging for an afternoon nap, as an adult, I would not have protested naptime as much.

2. What are clothes?

House nudist - someone not likely to put on clothes unless forced to by neighbors because public indecency would NOT look good on their record

Can we all just admit that, when you have the house to yourself, you are probably going to stay wrapped in your towel after a shower, for a few hours before begrudgingly making the walk to your closet for clothes.

On my day off, I will most definitely wrap myself up in a blanket after a shower, loung around on the couch, and browse through Netflix until my boyfriend texts me that he is on his way home. Once I get that text, I have about 10 minutes to find clothes to throw on.

Who am I kidding? He knows what he got himself into.

3. Netflix

My guilty pleasure is pretty much any shows that pertain to refurbishing furniture, remodeling houses, and food.

I like to reserve shows like that for my days off, when I have the house to myself.

On my days off, when I have my significant other with me, I'll indulge in shows like:

"Stranger Things"

"House Of Cards"

...and "Bob's Burgers" when we need to come down from the all the drama that is going on in these fictional characters lives.

4. A nice paycheck and some free time

Fortunately, my day off sometimes lands on payday. Which means, I have a habit of reserving some of my paycheck for my hobbies

I like to bake and cook new meals from whatever is in the kitchen or whatever I see on Facebook that day.

So, sometimes, I put on clothes to go to the store and splurge on ingredients.

I also really enjoy interior design so my boo will sometimes come home to new curtains, or a new shoe rack because, come on, we needed it. Do you know how many shoes I have? A lot.

Or he'll come home to me sitting with entertainment center parts scattered all over the floor, in tears because Ikea furniture is cruel and unusual punishment.

All in all, my perfect day off is a day of lounging around and indulging in my guilty pleasures, completely detached from the outside world.

I spend my days solving issues, calming down irate customers, and making things happen for people all around the nation.

So you can't blame me for enjoying a day of 0 productivity.

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What is your idea of the perfect day off? Tell me in the comments.

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