7 Reasons Why The New 'Aladdin' Is 100% Worth Seeing
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7 Reasons Why The New 'Aladdin' Is 100% Worth Seeing

It was full of excitement and magic in every twist and turn!

7 Reasons Why The New 'Aladdin' Is 100% Worth Seeing

After seeing "Aladdin," I was pleasantly surprised by the overall production of the movie, especially the casting as well as the music and dancing. It truly didn't disappoint. The movie was fun and entertaining, exceeding my expectations in every way!

1. The music

The music was obviously amazing! In particular, the vocals of the cast were awesome! They totally impressed me with their ability to sing with emotion and excitement. You can find me listening to the soundtrack all day long.

2. The casting and costume design

They truly lived in their parts, making their characters fun and believable. I mean, having Will Smith play Genie was genius (no pun intended). It also helped that their costume design was amazing. Most of the time, the costumes were identical to the original movie, if not pretty close.

3. The set

The set was gorgeous. It was identical to the movie — and that's not easy to do. Very well done!

4. The accuracy

Some would disagree, but I truly believe they did a great job at making it as similar as possible. Mostly everything was just like the original movie.

5. The choreography

As a person who has danced her whole life, the dancing was awesome. Will Smith and Mena Massoud killed it. Overall, the dancing did not disappoint.

6. The narration 

I truly feel they told the story even better than the original. It was more clear and filled in the gaps. I loved the way they told the story.

7. The nostalgia

It really brought back my childhood and made me feel like a kid again. I loved every minute of watching this movie as a young adult.

I thought this movie was awesome in many ways. In all, after reading this article, I hope that you go see "Aladdin" right now (if you still haven't done so)!

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